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70s Music Artist watch: Jean Michel Jarre

This Frenchman born in 1948, made a leap from classical to synth pop, and became so famous not just for his  music of the 70s, but his amazing large scale lazer and light shows that accompanied his thought provoking music.

Jean Michel Jarre  first came to be known by the masses when he released Oxygene in "1976", it sold over twelve million copies, not bad for a debut album. Using just three synthesizers and some basic editing materials he produced futuristic music of the 70s.

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70s Music Artist watch: Dire Straits

Back in  the Queens Jubilee year of 1977, a group was formed with two brothers, they being Mark and David Knopfler ,who along with Pick Withers and John Illsley became Dire Straits. The group arrived right in the middle of the punk outbreak, so after making a demo tape they took it to a BBC Radio London DJ,Charlie Gillett to ask him if he rated it. He heard "Sultans of Swing", and played it on his show, which led to a record contract and the rest is history in the music of the 70s..

Sunday, August 16, 2015

In Memory 2010: Gregory Isaacs

Reggae star Gregory Isaacs has died at the age of 59 (born in 1951) at his London home following cancer of the lungs in 2010.

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70s Music Artist watch: Perry Como

Mr Perry Como born in 1912, was acutlly called Pierino Ronald Como, and had some small chart success in the music of the 70s, his parents came from Italy. In his time Perry was a film and TV star and a great singer, in my young days I always got him confused with Andy Williams, not a bad mistake to make I  am sure.

Its fair to say that his best work was prior to the 1970s, however he was still very popular and wouyld appaer on British TV at a few Royal engagements, and was still perforning at the London Pladium in the 1970s.

Perry died in 2001.

In 1971 he had a small UK hit called I Think Of You

Here he is in 1973 with "And I Love You So" a song actually written in 1970 by Don Mclean, who himself had a great influence on the music of the 70s.

Perry Como sings one of his best 70s songs "And I Love You So".

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In the 1970s Slade

Based on single sales only this group would be the most successful band of the 1970s. Slade were so big, that they seem to actually appear on Top Of The Pops every week during the early 1970s. They were bashing out glam rock hit after hit after hit. The group formed in Wolverhampton by lead singer Noddy Holder

The group in 1970 were a well-known live band on the circuit, and so they released a song from their tour called Get Down And GetWith It on Polydor which actually charted on the BBC charts. The follow up hit was the deliberate misspelt hit called Coz I Luv You written by Noddy Holder and co band member Dave Lea, it was written in thirty minutes and became a huge hit.

The misspelt hits continued with Look Wat You Dun got to No.4  and Tak MeBak Home  got to No.1.

Also Mama Weer All Crazee Now was a huge European No.1

The last hit of 1972 was Gudbuy T Jane which was a huge worldwide hit, well not everywhere as the U.S. managed to get it only to number 68. 1973 and Slade release a single called Cum On Feel TheNoize which entered the chart at No.1. The next single was called Sqweeze Me Pleeze Me which amazingly entered the chart AGAIN at number ONE. This had never been done by two singles in concession, and now SLADE were a worldwide phenomenon, well everywhere but the U.S.The single was a hit, but Slade did not really want to release it, and they hardly ever played it afterwards.

The next hit was My Friend Stan, but the record that you will hear for ever more was Merry Xmas Everybody, where Noddy shouts out “Merry Christmas” at the end of the song. This has made Noddy the writer a very rich man. The song is played all over the world, and has become as part of Christmas as Little Drummer Boy has.

In Memory 2010: General Norman Johnston

General Norman Johnston was best known as the lead singer in the group Chairman Of The Board. He was born in  1943 and died October 2010, and when we look at his time  and influence on the music of the 70s, we may not have known his name, but we know his music. Here is Chairman Of The Board 1970 hit "Give Me Just A Little More Time".

The song is about a man asking for his ex lover back, and the record was written by Holland and Dozier and Holland Jnr, but because of a legal battle they called themselves Edythe Wayne on the record.

In the 1970s Jasper Carrot

A really silly name, but this well-loved comedian also had a huge chart success with Funky Moped. Jasper was born Robert Norman Davis in 1945, and in 1969 started to sing folk songs for a living. 
Then Jasper entered the 1970s by developing his MC skills, in which he would start putting in a lot of jokes and adlibbing to get the belly laughs from the audiences.

In 1973 he released an album called Jasper Carrot which includes sketches from his act. One of the most famous was real insurance claim details, which Jasper turned into golden comedy moments. This brought him more attention by TV, and he became a school yard hero.

Jasper O.B.E. had a huge hit with Funky Mopped in 1975, but although that was the record that was played on the radio non-stop, and it was the record he would perform on BBC Top Of The Pops, it was not really that record we were playing; it was in fact the naughty B side.

The B side was called The Magic Roundabout which was a rude parody of the children’s animated series from France also called The Magic Roundabout. The whole song contained Innuendo and cheeky jokes about the characters within the series. It was especially amusing as it really made the wholesome characters of the TV series something to really laugh about in the school playground. Of course the radio stations at that time would never mention it, and would stick totally to playing the A side. But we all knew better didn’t we?

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70s Artist Watch:Leif Garrett

Born in 1961 this guy became a teen idol both in TV and in the THE MUSIC OF THE 70S pop charts. His good looks and talent made him a worldwide celebrity. His pop career we will look at, but it came to an end in 1979 after he was involved in a car accident, in which his passenger was left paralysed. This left Garrett with a $7 million fine, and  doubt on his actions on the day of the accident.

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In Memory Benny Hill

Benny was one of the most famous British TV comedy stars. His shows went global and his cheeky sexy 1970s jokes and great humorous songs made the man a legend. He worked for the BBC before transferring to Thames Television where The Benny Hill Show became a huge money earner for the network.
Benny was born in 1924 in Southampton. He actually also appeared in the 1969 film The Italian Job, but was far better known for his TV appearances and his cheeky songs. Benny had several songs chart in the 1960s including the amusing Harvest Of Love.
But it was 1971 when he scored a No. 1 with Ernie The Fastest Milkman In The West, a song about a milkman that Benny could relate to as he used to be a milkman. It is all about a battle between milkman Ernie and Ted who drove the Bakers van. Sorry to say Ernie died in the song.
Benny himself lived alone in London. He was known to be gay and lonely. He also suffered a heart attack in 1992 and was told he needed a bypass, but for some reason Benny declined and a week later he suffered Kidney failure and died in April of that year.

In the 1970s Badfinger

The group from Wales turned out to be greatly popular, and followed by tragedy too. The group formed from another group called The Iveys in the 1960s; Bandfinger was created in 1968 by Pete Ham.
Pete was a songwriter, singer and played the guitar too. His first group dates back to 1961, but it was with the group Badfinger that he made his biggest impact. From the album The Magic Christian Music, which featured in the film called The Magic Christian. From that album came the song Come And Get It which was actually written by Paul McCartney. Needless to say it was on The Beatles Apple label.
Come And Get It opened up the film and was a million seller single. The film also featured other Badfinger (The Iveys) songs, including Rock Of All Ages and Carry On Till Tomorrow. The film starred Ringo Starr and Peter Sellers. The song made the UK top ten.

“No Matter What” was the next hit was written by the group and it got to No. 5 in the UK. Peter wrote and sung this song. The song caused DJ’s a lot of trouble as it had a false ending. Guaranteed to give the radio audiences a laugh when they DJ gets it wrong. The record company was not that happy to release it, but luckily for the group they did. The song came from the album No Dice which also had Without You on it. No Dice means not possible.

It was Tom Evans the band member that gave the album that name. Tom committed suicide in 1983 after arguments and court cases about the world royalties to the Without You song. He was already depressed fighting several cases. He also had in the back of his mind an argument ongoing with band member Mike Gibbins and the suicide eight years earlier of Pete Ham.

Without you was not a single hit for Badfinger. It was a hit for Nilsson, who had a worldwide hit with his version. It made the record company a fortune, but it has always been disputed on how the band had access to the royalties. The song won a Grammy and an Ivor Novello award.

Back in 1973 to 75, and for a few years the group was in constant court cases over the bands manager failure to sort out huge financial problems. Pete Ham could take no more. He committed suicide aged only 27 in 1975. In his suicide note he said that the business manager was responsible for his decision to kill himself. Stan Polley was that manager (he also managed Lou Christie). Polley is assumed held on to the money for Badfinger. The full facts may never come out as Polley died in 2009.

Day After Day was a 1972 hit from the album Straight Up and produced by Beatle George Harrison who died in 2001. Todd Rundgren also produced when Harrison left for a concert in Bangladesh. It was a U.S. hit in 1971 and a January 1972 hit in the UK. Pete Ham wrote this song, as he did the next and last chart hit called Baby Blue.

Baby Blue was about a woman Pete had dated whilst touring in the U.S. If you are in Europe you may never have heard of the single, well that is because it never got released in the UK. It was a big hit in the U.S. reaching No. 14.

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In Memory Val Doonican

Michael Valentine "ValDoonican was born in Ireland in 1927 and died in August 2015. His big break came in the 1960s when he was on Sunday Night at the Palladium. He was an instant success and went on in the 1960s and 1970s to have his own Saturday night TV show on BBC1 where nearly 20 Million would turn in every week.

Most of his hits were in the 1960s,but here is his 1972 hit Morning.

In the 1970s Baccara

These two ladies were from Spain who formed the group way back in 1977. The girls (ladies) were Mayte Mateos and Maria Mendiola both born in the early 1950s. The two girls met and teamed up more as dancers in Spain with a dance group called Venus. They also studied ballet, and appeared in night clubs and on TV too.They moved from mainland Spain to the Canary Islands where there sang Spanish folk style music to the tourists, one of the tourists was high up in RCA and help to get the girls a recording contract as Baccara. Baccara was Black Rose as a reference to what the girls normally wore, like black skirts to dance in.

Composers Rolf Soja and Frank Dostal wrote their first hit Yes Sir I Can Boogie. Frank was also partially responsible for some of the songs from the Smurfs and The Goombay Dance Band. Yes Sir I Can Boogie was recorded in Holland and went on to sell a whooping sixteen million copies, and still holds the Guinness Book Of Records for the highest selling female duo.

They were also the first female duo to have a number one record in the UK. However the single did not chart at all in the U.S.

The group released three albums in the 1970s called Baccara, Light My Fire and Colours. They also had a compilation album out in 1978 called The Hits Of Baccara, which had only two hits on the album.

The second hit was Sorry I’m A Lady which, which was No. 1 all over Europe, but only got as high as No. 8 in the UK charts, but that seemed to be it for the group. They did make a sort of comeback in 1978 with an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest called Parlez-Vous Français?

1970s Top Ten by Steve Hill

The music of the 70s, was a mix of everything, from novelty records,disco,rock,country and so so much more. In an occasional series we ask readers to come up with their Top Ten of the 1970s.
Steve is a UK born guy now living in Asia and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of music, so I hope I get nothing wrong here.

In The 1970s Ashton Gardner and Dyke

Tony Ashton from Lancashire in the UK became a singer and composer. After playing several groups in the 1960s he started up his new group in 1970 called Ashton Gardner and Dyke. Tony also wrote the score to the 1971 film The Last Rebel and appeared with numerous groups including Deep Purple. Tony sadly died in 2001 aged 55.
Kim Gardner was born in 1948 also worked with Rod Stewart and Kim also died in 2001 from cancer.
Roy Dyke worked with Medicine Head and Family.
They really only had one chart hit but it was a brilliant dance track called Resurrection Shuffle
Put your hand on your hip
Now you let your back bone slip.
Put out your tongue
Put your head in the air.
Make a ‘V’ sign
And you just don’t care.
Now you feel free
You gotta loose control.
All Gods children gotta
Little bit of soul.
You don’t have to think
You don’t have to move

Band members[edit]

In The 1970s Arrival

The group from Liverpool and London consisted of Dyan Birch who went on to work with 70s legends Bryan Ferry and Gloria Gaynor. Frank Collins who also worked with T.Rex and Ian Drury. There were ten group members coming and going through the time line of Arrival including Tony O’Malley who went on to work with 10cc in 1976.
The first hit for the group was in 1970 with Friends. The song was written by Terry Reid who went on to join Deep Purple. Amazingly they had two albums out in the 1970s. First in 1970 called Arrival and the second in 1972 called Arrival. No points for variation there.
In June 1970 their second hit was I Will Survive, which had nothing to do with the Gloria Gaynor hit later in the decade. This was a completely different song all together. The song charted at No. 16.
Really after that Arrival had gone to the departure lounge, and the group split with some of the members joining The Olympic Runners.

Colourful Music Hits of 1975

Here are some music of the 70s hits that had a colour in the title or in the group or artist. All these charted in the UK during the year 1975

1/Sha la sha (Make me Happy) by Al Green.

A modest hit for Al with this record that crept into 1975 from 1974.

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Colourful Music Hits of 1970

Here are some music of the 70s hits that had a colour in the title or in the group or artist. All these charted in the UK during the year 1970.

1/Melting Pot by Blue Mink
Written by Cook and Greenway this hit was still a left over hit from 1969, and is all about racial harmony. Still applies today.

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In Memory Cilla Black

Pricilla White became Cill Black in the 1960s and through her asscociation with The Cavern Club in Liverpool and the Beatles she became a huge star with hits like Alfie and Anyone Who Had a Heart. Her prime time as a single selling artist was in the 1960s.

In the 1970s she only had one top forty UK hit which was Something Tells Me Somethings Gonna Happen Tonight in 1971. The single reached No. 3 and was written by Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook.The producer was her friend and mentor and the Beatles guru George Martin.

From 1969 through till 1976 she presented a live Saturday Night TV Show for BBC1 which attracted around 20 million viewers and it would showcase other big star and Cilla's ability to sing every song perfectly live every week.

Here is Cliff  Richard and Cilla from another BBC show in 1979.

Black died at her holiday home near Marbella, Spain, on 1 August 2015. She was 72. Police are awaiting results of a post mortem examination but say that her death was probably from natural causes. Black had previously said that she wanted to die when she reached 75

In Memory of Dave Black of Goldie

Goldie were a British group formed by guitarist David Black in 1976 who only had one hit with Making Up Again in 1978. The song written by Black and fellow band member Pete Macdonald.
David died in August 2015

In Memory Lynn Anderson

She was born Lynn Rene Anderson in 1947 America and went on to become a huge Country star. 

YearAward ProgramAward [31]
1967Academy of Country Music AwardTop Female Vocalist
1971Grammy AwardBest Female Country Vocal Performance
Country Music Association AwardFemale Vocalist of the Year
1974American Music AwardFavorite Female Country Artist
1975People's Choice AwardFavorite Country Artist
Rose Garden is a million-selling, album by country singer Lynn Anderson. It was released in late 1970 as the title song was climbing country and pop music charts around the world. The single went on to top the Country charts, where it stayed at the #1 position for five weeks. It reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart in 1971 and hit #1 in both Cash Box and Record World. It was an international top five pop hit in numerous countries. Anderson received a Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for the record.

Internationally it was her biggest hit.reaching No. 3 in the UK in 1971.

70s Artist Watch:Glenn Campbell

Born in 1936 Glenn Campbell  he was a man always in the pop world, touring with the Beach Boys in the 1960s and even playing on their albums. He had big hits in the 60s with "Witicha  Linesman" and "Galveston". The 70s were just as a s good as he starred in the CNBS weekly show "The Glenn Campbell Goodtime Hour" and astarred in the film "Norwood", and had an album of the same name, and appeared on hundreds of variety TV programmmes including the "Donny and Marie Show".

His influence of the music of the 70s was huge especially in the US.

1971 TV Personality of the Year
1975 Single of the Year - "Rhinestone Cowboy"
American Music Awards
1976 Favorite Pop/Rock Single - "Rhinestone Cowboy"
1976 Favorite Country Single - "Rhinestone Cowboy"
1977 Favorite Country Album -

Country Music Association of Great Britain
1974 Entertainer of the Year

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1970's classic rock songs with Saxophone solos

BBC 70s Music Chart January 10th 1970

  January 1970

 Libya gets Gaddafi   Muaammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi , who was born in 1942,was a name that not many people really knew, but from this year onwards his name would dominate the world’s news right through to now. The name of course became synonymous with that of a tyrant for the next fifty years.   After getting military training in the UK, he was already planning a way to take over his country of Libya from the Prime Minister King Ildris, whilst Ildris was in Turkey. This he and the military did in in 1969, when Gaddafi was only 27. He was already  now having unofficial control of the country.   He had little love for the west, and was happy if people purchased guns to fight the west, in fact Libya in 1970 had a thriving Italian community, they disappeared very quickly as most westerns did. This was in part because Gaddafi became chairman of an organisation called the Revolutionary Command Council and expelled all the Italians.

 On January 28th of 1970, now aged 28, Gaddafi moved into the front line of politics, by taking over as the Libyan premier and installing four out twelve ministers from his from his council. It must be remembered that Gaddafi 1969 coup was bloodless, and now he had worked his way  to premier almost unchallenged.   He himself managed to stop a coup against him in the closing days of 1969, and he was now going to ensure that everyone knew who was in charge of the new Libya It was him, still wearing his army uniforms and also he wore dark glasses, that became a trademark of his for many years.   In 1970 business and power in Libya, if you were not Libyan then you were forced out of any important position, and Gaddafi instigated a system where small businesses stayed in control of their owners, larger ones became the property or became controlled by the state.   But Gaddafi still needed the British former colonisers, as he needed weapons and tanks, and this he got from the British and other sources for many future years. Gaddafi knew the power of having weapons in that area, and he maintained a very high profile with his army and the fire power it had.

 Oil of course was a  key element in the power and the economy of Libya, and in 1970 nit was the fourth largest oil producer in the world, and despite Gaddafi pushing down the free economy when he took over, the oil kept flowing and he knew that would give him the power to stay in position and to make sure the west knew that he had the power to affect oil flow.   Libya through the decades of Gaddafi rule has always been linked to providing arms to other governments and organisations, and with his power to buy from the US and Europe he was in a very good place to sell on to other Arab countries for political favours and control.   Gaddafi really believed in the unification of the Arab Sates and was a close friend to President Nasser Hussein of Egypt who was killed in September this year. At that time Gaddafi took up the mantle of Hussein and his version of Pan Arabism , which was a loose liaison between the Arab countries , especially Egypt Syria and Libya.

  The music of the 70s continues now as we look at the BBC chart from 10th January 1970.

No. 20

If I Thought you You'd Change Your Mind by Cilla Black.

Our Cilla was born Priscilla White in 1943, and has been one of the country's biggest stars throughout the 60s ,70s, 80s and 90s .In the 70s she had her own TV show called "Cilla" on the BBC, and up until 1973 she was produced by non other than the Beatles manager George Martin.

1970s Dave Edmunds

Welsh born Dave (1944) had his first band with his brothers in 1954 called The Edmunds Bros Duo. He joined several bands after that including Love Sculpture which had a top ten single hit with Sabre Dance. The hit was thanks to radio one DJ John Peel championing it.

Dave went solo in 1970 and had a big hit with I Hear You Knocking which was the Christmas No.1 in 1970. The song was written by Dave Bartholomew and Pearl King from way back in 1955. Smiley Lewis had the original No.2 hit with this song. Smiley died in 1966.

The song was a hit both sides of the Atlantic and sold over three million copies. In 1972 Edmunds appeared in the film Stardust with David Essex. The film was a huge success and Dave Edmunds was kept in the public eye which helped with the next singles.

In 1973 Dave had another cover hit with Baby I Love You which was written by Jeff Berry and Ellie Greenwich.  The song was 1963 hit for the Ronettes and was produced by Phil Spector. Dave Edmunds version got to No. 8.

Dave had another hit that year, with yet another cover. Born To Be With You a 1956 hit for the Chordettes. Dave’s version got to No. 5 in the charts. Moving on to 1977 gave Dave his next top thirty UK hit with I Knew The Bride a Nick Lowe song.

1979 and Dave stormed the charts again with two hit singles that year. The first was Girls Talk a cover of Elvis Costello’s record, followed by Queen Of Hearts from the album Repeat When Necessary.

Interview with Dave Edmunds

70s Artist Watch:Al Stewart

This guy has written and performed some of the best music of the 1970s, and to many hes not a famous man, but his music speaks for him. Al Stewart was born in Scotland in 1945 as  Alistair Ian Stewart, and he  started his 70s career by appearing at Glastonbury in 1970, and even shared an apartment with Paul Simon.

Stewart's first album was the 1967 "Bed Sitter Images" which was re released in 1970, in Japan the album was called  "The News From Spain"

The next LP was "Zero She Flies" in 1970 that has songs referring to the outbreak of World War One, the album "Orange" followed in 1972.

70s Artist Watch:Ace

This rock group from the UK was fronted by Paul Carrick, and surprisingly the group had  only one strong album in the 70s called "Five-A- Side" from which the single "How Long" came from. The single was about bass player Terry Comer moonlighting for other bands. Despite five more singles, none of them charted, but this song remains in the music of the 70s memory, and Paul went on to work as a band member in Squeeze, Roxy Music, Frankie Miller during his 70s music career.

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70s Artist Watch: Jimi Hendrix

The 70s music was just touched by this genius, he was born 1942 and died in 1970 at the age of only 27,his amazing electric guitar skills  have made him a legend, and deservedly so. He was there at Woodstock in 1969, and at the Isle of Wight in  August1970, he performed at the Monterey Pop Festival, and was not only a great performer with his Stratocaster guitar, but a very competent producer too.

In 1970 Hendrix was on the road doing a European and States tour with a reformed Jimi Hendrix Experience, the tour was known as "The Cry Of Love Tour" and trying to finish his album  "First Rays Of The Rising Sun".

But on September 18th 1970 the flame was blown out, he died  as a result of not understanding the strong medication he was taking to help him sleep, and taking the wrong amounts. However, there have been many reports and court cases suggesting it may have been murder or even suicide, but nothing concrete has been proven, and it will remain a mystery in pop culture of the music of the 70s.

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70s Artist Watch:Andy Kim

If you remember in 1969 the big novelty hit "Sugar Sugar" by The Archies, then you may not have known that one of the writers was a Mr Andy Kim, who was born in Canada as  Andrew Youakim around 1950. His first single in the music of the 70s was in 1970 , a cover of the Ronettes hit "Be My Baby" which was a fair hit in the US.

The next three singles did not chart, so it was not until 1974 that Andy had his biggest hit from the music of the 70s, "Rock Me Gently" which Andy  had on his own record label "Ice Records, but as I remember the B side was just an instrumental of the first side as Andy just did not have enough money, but lucky for him Capitol records liked the single and  took over as the label to promote the single ,and that was Andy's contribution to the music of the 70s.

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Seventies Music Charts: Top Ten Hits From April 1978

Here are the pop charts for weekend the 29th April 1978 UK.
1.Night Fever by the Bee Gees
From the film and album "Saturday Night Fever", this was one of many chart hits for the Bee Gees which came from this huge worldwide album, and was produced by the amazing Robert Stigwood.
The "Saturday Night Fever" sold  forty million copies , and the "Night Fever" single was a huge worldwide hit, and this one album is responsible for so much inspiration in 70s music.

Maurice Gibb died in 2003 and Robin Gibb in 2012.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

1970s Top Ten by John Miele

The70s music, was a mix of everything, from novelty records,disco,rock,country and so so much more. In an occasional series we ask readers to come up with their Top Ten of the 1970s.

John Miele is a US reader , living with his wife in Manila in The Philippines. So now here in reverse order is Johns Top Ten of The 70s music.

John's Top Ten Songs of the 1970s -No.10
Pigs by Pink Floyd

Official Website of Pink Floyd

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70s Artist Watch:The Beatles

The Beatles split up in 1970, after making the world a richer place, and making tunes that never die, but the legal ramifications took years before The Beatles were legally split in 1975, but they were still part of 70s music.

 So music of the 70s had all the Beatles members, who had solo projects in the 1970s, Paul McCartney had his Wings, John Lennon had “Imagine”, Ringo Starr had his “Photograph”, and George Harrison had “My Sweet Lord” More on the individual members influence in the 70s in later articles.

The last Beatles album "Let it be" in 1970, included the tracks "Get back" a hit again in the 1970s and the "Long and winding road"  the next  album was The Beatles 1962-1966.

Here is a hit single from 1970 "The Beatles" and "Let It Be". Paul McCartney was inspired to write the song, whilst reflecting on the death of his mother when he was aged just fourteen.

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70s songs about Mohammed Ali

Ok, I hear you saying . What does the music of the 70s have to do with the greatest boxer ever to have lived? Well Muhammed Ali (Born 1942) as far as I know did not have any hits himself in the 70s, but because of his iconic stature, and ability to be handsome and intelligent and the exceptional boxer made him the most well know face, probably of the last century.

During the 70s Ali fought Ken Norton, George Foreman, and of course Joe Frazier amongst many others, some of the fights had global audiences, and Ali not only talked a great fight he gave a great fight.

Therefore its not really that surprising to find that the music of the 70s  did have hits that related to Muhammed Ali. I am sure there are more, but here are some I have located that actually charted.

Johnny Wakelin  had a hit single out in 1974, inspired by Ali's fight with George Foreman  in Africa, called "Black Superman(Muhammed Ali), his backing group was called the "Kinshasa Band", named after the town in Africa that Ali had the fight. Just to let you know Ali won the fight in the eighth round.

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70s Artist Watch: Diana Ross

This lady could have articles for her covering the 60s,70s,80s and beyond, she is a superstar, and we salute her time in the sensational 1970s.

Born in 1944 and making huge hits with The Supreme in the 1960s on the famous Tamla Motown label with hits like Someday We'll Be Together, she entered the era of the 1970s with a solo career, and her first single hit was "Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand" which came from her début album"Diana Ross" and  was a great single but only got to No. 20 in the US.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

70s Artist Watch:Midge Ure

Midge Ure, O.B.E. Was born in 1953 and was a massive star in the 80s with Ultravox, Live Aid, but his roots really do go back to the music of the 70s. He started with a group called Salvation in 1972 as a guitarist mainly performing around Glasgow, but Salvation disbanded in 1974, some of the group joined together to make the group Slik. They had no single success until this 1976 hit ,this is where I first heard of Slik with there number one UK record “Forever and Ever”, this record is often referred to as a Bay City Roller type record, which is not surprising as the same writers were working on both groups and for Bell records.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

7os Music Part Three

Time to listen to more music of the 70s as we bring you a musical time machine with clips of music from those days of love and laughter, no internet to distract us from having a good time then.

Enjoy, and see if you remember the music of the 70s.

Monday, July 13, 2015

70s Artist Watch: Johnny Mathis

To give you an idea about the quality of this man, he had a greatest hits album out in 1958 and spent 490 weeks in the charts, and he had an impact in the music of the 70s, especially in the US, where he was born in 1935, since then he has had worldwide sales of around 350 million records, and probably outside the US his work is not as well known.

He has had so many awards, and breaks so many records that we could talk about Johnny for pages and pages, so true to the nature of the site we will stick to his influence on the music of the 70s.

From 1970 onwards it seemed that every single Johnny released charted high in the US, again so many, so here are just a few titles that made it into the US top ten over the 70s.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

70s Artist Watch: Chuck Berry

How can hits of the Seventies have Chuck Berry in it, well Chuck, born  Charles Edward Anderson Berry was born in 1926, and his hey day was in the 1950s and 1960s with classics like  "Nadine","No Particular Place To Go" and "Promised Land".

Chuck Berry had a surprise huge No1 hit in 1973 with the single "My Ding A Ling", which was the very first single I ever purchased, I knew it had rude connotations and it was great to force my parents to listen to it.Taken from the album "The London Chuck Berry Sessions", and actually comes from a record called  "Little Girl Sing  Ding A Ling"  in 1952. Two silver balls is what the record was about, that came on a string from a grandmother, and how to keep hold of them during events like swimming the creek, I am sure most people listening to the lyrics would think something different.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Seventies Music Charts: Top Ten Hits From April 1973

Here are the pop charts for weekend the 7th April 1973 UK

1.Get Down by Gilbert O' Sullivan
Born in Ireland in 1946 as Raymond Edward O'Sullivan, this was No1 in  the UK and the US, and was one of many hits from this singer songwriter. I recall that the song appeared on "Top Of The Pops" before the days video was used to cover an artist not being able to appear,on this occasion the dancers from the programmes called Pans People, danced to the song with a load of dogs on stage. One of the dogs got bored and walked off, and that stayed in the transmission.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

In Memory 2010: Mike Edwards from ELO

Mike Edwards born in 1948, was one of the early members of the group ELO that's the Electric Light Orchestra was killed in a car accident this week at the age of 63. He was with this hits of the 70s  group from 1972 to 1975. Mike was a cellist with the band during their early time, and performed with the group in Reading. When he left the group in 1975 he became a Buddhist, and his death was caused by a hay bale falling as he was driving.

ELO in the top twenty in 1973