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Deaths in January 2016 Part Two



Dave Cash show 1970 and Black Beauty and Send in the Clowns

Radio One DJ Dave Cash on air in 1970, TV Themes include Black Beauty and Follyfoot and we hear about SEND IN THE CLOWNS

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The greatest hits of 1975 featuring hits by Queen, Bay City Rollers, Glitter Band, Sweet, David Bowie, ABBA, David Essex, Hot Chocolate, John Lennon, Elton John, Tammy Wynette, Barry Manilow ... and many more! Follow us on Twitter: Join us on Facebook: If you like this show then please click FAVOURITE, REPOST and FOLLOW me

UK TOP 40 8-14 JULY 1979

This upload features tracks from McFadden And Whitehead, Bonnie Tyler, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Lene Lovich, Rickie Lee Jones and more.

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Sensational 70's

The Sensational Seventies Spectacular with the SAS taking you back to a time when life was simpler and the music was Better!!

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UK TOP 40 8-14 JULY 1979

UK TOP 40 SINGLES CHART FOR W/E 14th JULY 1979 featuring hits from Tubeway Army, Donna Summer, Dollar, The Skids, Janet Kay, The Knack, Anita Ward, Quantum Jump, Edwin Starr, Thin Lizzy and more...

GREATEST HITS : 1976 vol 1

The greatest hits of 1976 (Volume 1) featuring hits by ABBA, Brotherhood of Man, Tavares, Boney M. Rod Stewart, Queen, Eric Carmen, John Miles, Leo Sayer, Donna Summer, Tina Charles, Bay City Rollers ... and many more!

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In the 1970s Deep Purple

Deep Purple

The groups from the UK started in 1968 and are best known for their album work, than the singles. Sixty albums later and the group had really made a stamp on music history. Eight of those albums were top twenty hits in the UK in the 1970s. This heavy rock band did have single hits too.
1970 gave them a No. 2 UK hit with Black Night which is said to have originated from a bass line in Ricky Nelson’s song called Summertime. The song had Ian Gillan on vocals who left the band in 1973. Ritchie Blackmore on guitar and later went on to join the group Rainbow.
The song had Roger Glover on bass and he left in 1973, but he also worked with Nazareth and Judas Priest. John Lord and Ian Paice were the other two members, and this was the highest charting single Deep Purple would have.

1971 saw the group have another top ten single with Strange Kind Of Woman from the album Fireball, the original title was Prostitute, and is said to be based on someone they all knew who has since died. Fireball became the next single.
1973 saw the big comeback hit with Smoke On The Water from the album Machine Head. The song is famous for the guitar work played on the Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar. The song is based on a fire in Switzerland that the band witnessed. They actually saw the smoke on the water.

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In The 1970s ABBA 1976 to 1979

We continue the story of the super group Abba through the 1970s.In the first part we followed the group from 1970 to 1975. See the article here.

This was the year that they released their greatest hits. But of course it was only part one as so many more hits would pour into the UK charts over the next few years. 1976 saw a No.1 single from that greatest hit album called Fernando which had already been a best selling album in Switzerland by Anni Frid herself. Now she was singing it within a group. The lyrics were by manager Stig and was about love, but Bjorn changed the lyrics to be about two guys talking about a battle.


The best selling album produced  the next No.1 classic. A song that now feels the floor at all parties and weddings. It was originally calle Boogaloo but was changed to...Dancing Queen.
ABBA performed this song on June 18, 1976 at a televised tribute to Queen Silvia and King Gustaf XVI of Sweden, who were married the next day.

From the same album came the No. 3 hit Money Money Money and the same album produced their next No. 1 hit too in 1977. Not only was it a fantastic song but it was one of the best videos of the 1970s. The song was Knowing Me Knowing You. This came at a time when the group were undertaking major concerts throughout the world and the stress and strains of their marriages and relationships were under enormous stress.

This was another worldwide hit for the group and meant they were being called to  undertake impossible schedules of performances and TV shows.  Abba the Album produced yet another UK single No. 1 in 1977 called  The Name Of The Game . Same album and yet another No.1 with Take A Chance On Me in 1978. That same year the group scored No. 5 hit with a more disco style hit called Summer Night City. 

Now the group were having real problems between themselves and the lyrics of some of other songs were reflecting those problems. Enter 1979 and a new album called Voulez Vous which contained the No. 2 hit Chiquitita which means in Spanish little one.

The group went uptempo on the next hit called Does Your Mother Know. The next three singles of that year all got as high as No.3 in the British charts and ended the 70s domination of Abba.
Those three singles were Voulez Vous the title track from the album,. The second from the same album was Angel Eyes. Their final hit single of the 70s was a another high tempo style hit. Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight.

GREATEST HITS : 1977 vol 1

The greatest hits of 1977 (Volume 1) featuring hits by Wings, ABBA, Boney M, David Soul. Leo Sayer, The Stranglers, Althea & Donna, Yvonne Eliman, Donna Summer, Hot Chocolate, Queen... and many more!

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UK Top 40: 2nd July 1977

In the year that we were celebrating the Queen's Silver Jubilee, the one record in this week's chart that made any reference to old Liz was banned by the BBC - but never fear, you'll hear it in this chart, along with every other song in this Top 40 from 39 years ago. This week's chart contained no less than four double-A side singles, so with both sides of those there's a total of 44 songs in this show.

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UK TOP 40 29 JUNE-5 JULY 1975

UK TOP 40 SINGLES CHART FOR W/E 5TH JULY 1975 featuring hits 10cc, Johnny Nash, Kraftwerk, Gilbert O'Sullivan, The Osmonds, Hot Chocolate, Sister Sledge, and more... PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CHART CONTAINS A SONG BY GARY GLITTER AT NUMBER 8

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In The 1970s Abba 70-75

It would take thousands of pages to write about Abba, what they did for pop music and how they influenced millions of our lives and still do. Here in part one we look at Abba for the first half of the 70s decade.

All the group members were singers before becoming Abba in 1972. The Swedish group consisted of Agnetha Faltskog who was born in 1950 and married fellow Abba member Bjorn Ulvaeus in 1971. Bjorn was born in 1945 and in the 200s was accused of not paying enough tax. The government came after him for 90 million Krona. He won the case and owed them nothing.

Benny Andersson was born in 1946 and married fellow Abba member Frida Lyngstad in 1978. Frida was born  in 1945 and in 1968 won the Swedish version of New Faces a talent show.

The group have sold about 400 million units and still continue to sell. They have won so many awards that it is unlikely any other group will be ever able to do the same.

Abba in 1973 had a minor hit in the UK called Ring Ring and written by Benny and Bjorn and translated into English with the help of Neil Sedaka. But it was 1974 when Abba exploded to a huge TV audience and won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest from Brighton with the amazing Waterloo. No. 1 in the UK and it gave the group a global leg up.

Amazingly the next hit only just creept into the top thirty and that was called Honey Honey. Although a cover version did chart at No.10 by a group called Sweet Dreams in 1974. The group were selling all over the world and the albums were huge.

Single wise in 1975 Abba had only a No. 38 hit with I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do, but had a No .6 hit with SOS the track that was a hit all across the world.

This led to interest in the group once again and the next hit got to No. 1 and has now become a legend, a film and a musical. Mama Mia.

Here is a documentary about ABBA the earty years.

Tony Blackburn's Last EVER Radio 1 Weekday Show 31/8/79

Tony Blackburn's last weekday Radio 1 Show (31/8/79) 2pm-4.30pm. Off air recording (1053Khz Sussex)

Abba Greatest Hits


More about ABBA

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GREATEST HITS : 1978 vol 1

The greatest hits of 1978 (Volume 1) featuring hits by John Travolta & Olviia Newton-John, Bee Gees, Boomtown Rats, Donna Summer, Ian Dury & The Blockheads, Chic, John Paul Young, Kate Bush, Gerry Rafferty ... and many more!

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Top 50 UK Singles Chart - 19 June 1976

The beginning of the hot summer of 1976, with disco from Diana Ross and the Fatback Band, and country acts Dolly Parton and the Bellamy Brothers. Also a 1950s and 1960 revival was happening with the Shangri-las and Dion, and classic rock from Peter Frampton and Thin Lizzy, plus many more were in the charts this week.

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GREATEST HITS : 1979 vol 1

The greatest hits of 1979 (Volume 1) featuring hits by Gary Numan, Blondie, Sister Sledge, Cliff Richard, Squeeze, ABBA, Roxy Music, M, B.A. Robertston, Janet Kay, Anita Ward, The Specials, ELO, The Beat, The Police, Michael Jackson ... and many more!

Tony Blackburn Radio 1 Roadshow (1979)

From the Radio 1 Roadshow caravan at Blackpool including the start of the Yorkshire Miners' charity effort for the Year of the Child in which they will be pushing Simon Bates on a bed from Blackpool to Scarborough

The 70's Show - #Chelmsford - 12/06/16

Bringing you the best of the 70's as part of the CCR Decades Lineup! Chelmsford Community Radio is Community Radio for Chelmsford. To find out more about this show, and the station, visit

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UK Top 50 Singles Chart - 12 June 1971

Back to June 1971 where My Way was still around, soul and rock were doing well with Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson, Free and a triple track from the Rolling Stones. Even Mozart made an appearance this week. The Sweet and Perry Como had two songs in this chart as well. Jonathan King had a song out in his own right too. Plus many more classic and less known songs from this year.

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The 70's Show - #Chelmsford - 05/06/16

Bringing you the best of the 70's as part of the CCR Decades Lineup! Chelmsford Community Radio is Community Radio for Chelmsford. To find out more about this show, and the station, visit

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In Memory Muhammad Ali

The greatest sportsman ever died in June 2016 at the age of 74.It was not just sport that this man dominated, but he influenced everything and even had films and books that were huge seller. He also had music written about him that charted.

Ok, I hear you saying . What does the music of the 70s have to do with the greatest boxer ever to have lived? Well Muhammed Ali (Born 1942) as far as I know he did not have any hits himself in the 70s, but because of his iconic stature, and ability to be handsome and intelligent and the exceptional boxer made him the most well know face, probably of the last century.

During the 70s Ali fought Ken Norton, George Foreman, and of course Joe Frazier amongst many others, some of the fights had global audiences, and Ali not only talked a great fight he gave a great fight.

Therefore its not really that surprising to find that the music of the 70s  did have hits that related to Muhammed Ali. I am sure there are more, but here are some I have located that actually charted.

Johnny Wakelin  had a hit single out in 1974, inspired by Ali's fight with George Foreman  in Africa, called "Black Superman(Muhammed Ali), his backing group was called the "Kinshasa Band", named after the town in Africa that Ali had the fight. Just to let you know Ali won the fight in the eighth round.

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UK Top 40 Singles Chart - 9 June 1979

Welcome to 1979, where disco is still doing well with Donna Summer, the full length version of McFadden and Whitehead and Sister Sledge. New wave with Lene Lovich, Skids and the Monks. Also features the debut single from Tubeway Army/Gary Numan and many other great classics from this month. Enjoy the retro experience from this 1979 time machine.

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70s No1s

The Sensational 70's Spectacular with the SAS (Steve Algar Show)

UK Top 40: 5th June 1976

From exactly 40 years ago comes this chart from June 1976. We get to hear The Wurzels...oooh arrrr!! Also Cliff Richard, Wings, Gladys Knight, The Rolling Stones, Dolly Parton, and the British Eurovision winners of that year, Brotherhood Of Man.

UK TOP 40 01-07 JUNE 1975

UK TOP 40 SINGLES CHART FOR W/E 7TH JUNE 1975 featuring hits from Barry White, The Carpenters, Kraftwerk, Desmond Dekker, Bay City Rollers, Mud, Status Quo, Elvis Presley, Showaddywaddy, Tammy Wynette, The Osmonds, Hot Chocolate and more...

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UK Top 40: 27th May 1978

Back to 1978 we go this week, for the Top 40 of w/e 27th May. Saturday Night Fever was still going strong, and Grease gave us a new entry that was set to be a future No. 1. You'll hear both sides of Boney M's classic single (not officially a double-A side, but both songs were played on the radio), and other popular artists were Darts, David Soul, Blondie, Ian Dury, and look out for some late 70s punk from Plastic Bertrand, The Stranglers, The Boomtown Rats and X-Ray Spex. There's Eurovision entries for the UK (we didn't win) and Israel (they did), and lots more great memories besides.

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A playlist of 22 ballads from the 1970's featuring tracks by 10CC, The Osmonds, Bread, Elton John, David Soul, Bay City Rollers, Elkie Brooks, George Benson, Don McLean, Cliff Richard, Joan Armatrading and more.

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UK TOP 40 22-28 MAY 1977

UK TOP 40 SINGLES CHART FOR W/E 28TH MAY 1977 featuring hits from Rod Stewart, The Trammps, 10CC, Marvin Gaye, Boz Scaggs, Stevie Wonder, Kenny Rogers, Barbra Streisand, Bryan Ferry, Elkie Brooks, Andrew Gold, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Heatwave, The Stranglers...

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The Sensational Seventies Spectacular with the SAS

Eurovision Song Contest 1975 and 76/77

After the previous excitment of Brighton last year and the win by Abba, the Eurovision became even more important. This was 1975, and the contest was held in Sweden. The  British entry was The Shadows with Let Me Be The One. A record that did nothing really, although it managed to limp into 9th place.

Eurovision Song Contest 1973 and 1974

1973 the contest was hosted in Luxembourg. This was also the year that the contestants did NOT have to sing in their native language. Therefore the songs were now going to be understood by a much bigger audience.

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In The1970s Tavares

These guys originated from the U.S. and are sometimes refereed to as the Tavares Brothers.
  • Ralph — Ralph Vierra Tavares (born December 10, 1941)
  • Pooch — Arthur Paul Tavares (born November 12, 1943)
  • Chubby — Antone Lee Tavares (born June 2, 1945)
  • Butch — Feliciano Vierra Tavares, Jr. (born May 18, 1948)
  • Tiny — Perry Lee Tavares (born October 24, 1949)

They performed in the 1960s as Chubby and the Turnpikes. In 1973 they became Tavares. Big hits in the U.S. but it was not until 1976 when they charted in the UK charts with Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel written by Freddie Perren who produced Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive.

The follow up hit was the classic floor filler on a Saturday Night called  Dont Take Away The Music

In 1977 they had a minor hit with The Mighty Power Of Love and a top five hit with Whodunnit. The song mentioned many fictional detectives who were trying to solve this case of missing love. One detective mentioned was Kojak!

Two more hits followed in 1977, the first being a No. 16 hit called One Step Away. The next single was the big one and went on to appear in the film and the soundtrack of Saturday Night fever. It was the classic More Than A Woman. They won a Grammy for that song in 1979.