Seventies Music Chart Top Ten: January 1976

Here are the pop charts of the week ending 3rd of January 1976.
1 Bohemian Rhapsody See Queen article  

Wow what a record, this record sounded like a huge musical to me when I first heard it, all those years a go in the pop chart.
Greg Lake was in so many groups including Uriah Heap,then in 1970 he formed Emerson,Lake and Palmer, and this hit was a surprise to him, as he wrote the record as an anti Christmas song.

The trail of the Lonesome Pine by Laurel and Hardy and The Avalon Boys
One of the oldest hits to make the charts, the song came from the film "Way out West", from 1937!!!
See the video here

4 Its gonna be a cold cold Christmas by Dana
One of my dads favourites here. After her appearance on the 1970 Eurovision song contest  "All kinds of everything", she was also an actress and a future Irish politician.

Part of the Lyrics
According to the radio
warmer weathers in the wave
the chances are, we won't be getting snow
But even if the sun shines
from now to Christmas day
as far as I'm concerned, I know...
It's gonna be a cold cold Christmas without you
Dreaming of us warm warm lazy summerday's
It's gonna be a long and lonely Christmas without you
Missing you my darling in oh so many way's
Yesterday I saw your mom and dad
we bought our cards together
I've put the presents on the Christmas tree
and there's I write this letter
It's warm, inside, the lockvice burning right oh darling
If only you were here, to make it right

This double b side was a great oldie to be dancing around the Christmas dinner table. The Twist was first a hit in 1960. Now chubby makes chocolate bars called "Chubby".

6 Happy to be on an Island in the Sun by Demis Roussos

7 You sexy thing by Hot Chocolate  Article about Hot Chocolate

8 Na-na is the saddest word by The Stylistics  
Article about Stylistics

9 Golden Years by David Bowie
See David Bowie Article

10 Show me your a woman by Mud

Article about Mud



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