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David Soul, born as David Richard Solberg in 1943, from the hugely successful 70’s TV series Starsky and Hutch, the detective show featuring David and Paul Michael Glazer. The series put these guys into the heart throb worldwide mode, so it was inevitable that David, who had a small career before in singing, would put a record out. What none of us knew was how good he was, and he certainly was in the best of the 70s.
His first single hit No1. "Dont Give Up On Us" and the 6ft blond film and TV star was now a real pop star too.

Some of the lyrics

Don't give up on us, baby

Don't make the wrong seem right

The future isn't just one night

It's written in the moonlight
And painted on the stars
We can't change ours

It wasn’t until 1977 that we heard from David again with three hit records , the first being "Going In With My Eyes Open", and the fantastic "Silver Lady",No1 in the UK, No 52 in the U.S.

David Soul and "Silver Lady" video.

"Nobody teaches you to be a father. Nobody teaches you to be a husband. Nobody teaches you how to be a star. You have to learn to work with the tools".

David Soul learned well, he has six children, and four divorces behind him.

The last hit of 1977 was "Lets Have a Quiet Night In", a nice tune, but really nothing amazing, and it did get to No. 8, so someone bought it.

His last single hit in the 70s was "It Sure Brings Out the Love In Your Eyes"

David had three albums in the 1970s the first simply being called "David Soul".

David admits to domestic violence and being an alcoholic, he also now lives in the UK as  a British citizen and works a lot in the theatre. The money went, the fame remains, and he still is in our memories as one of the pop best of the 70s.

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