Seventies Music: Football-Related Songs


Back Home by the England football team
On the 16th May 1970 the "football song" was born with this sing along record from the England football team. I remember as a boy scout in Wales singing this with all my heart. Needless to say my singing did not help, as England in no way repeated the 1966 win.
But football music, amazingly had a hold on the British charts through the music of 1970s.

Some of the lyrics
Back home, they'll be thinking about us
When we are far away
Back home, they'll be really behind us
In every game we play
They'll share every goal we are scoring
Out there
We will still hear them roaring
And we'll give all we've got to give
For the folks back home


Nice One Cyril by the Spurs football club (The cockerel chorus)

I have to admit it, but I think I would say this is my favourite football novelty record of the  hits of the 70s.
The record was to spur Spurs on with its huge star Cyril Knowles(Died 1991)
It was also an advertising campaign for bread too.

See the video here

Good Old Arsenal by Arsenal football team

Done to the tune of Rule Britannia, well sort of.


Blue Is the Colour Chelsea football team

The first record I remember that was for a specific home team, as opposed to a country team.
The song included in its cast football legends Alan Hudson, and Peter Osgood.

See the video here

Leeds United by Leeds United

Gone and forgotten, and football music is rid of it.


Easy Easy by Scotland world cup squad.

Must be the English in me but I do not recall it at all. 


We Can Do It Liverpool football club

I suppose the Liverpool fans loved it, but honestly it was a terrible record.


Ola Ola by the Scotland World Cup squad
With strong vocals from Rod Stewart , this record rubbed the noses of the English who did not make it into the World cup that year. Honestly despite its pedigree, it is a forgettable record of  the music of the 70s.

Some of the lyrics
When the blue shirts run out in Argentina
Our hearts will be beating like a drum
And your nerves are so shattered you can't take it
Automatically you reach out for the run
But there really isn't any cause for panic
Ally's army had it all under control
It's not merely speculations
It's not just imagination
To bring the World Cup home is Scotland's goal

Allys Tartan Army by Andy Cameron

Well this was a much more fun record for the Scotland team, and only got to no.6 in the charts, for the Scots comedian and TV and radio presenter and it was re-written for the Irish team in 1990, well you cannot keep a good record down?

Argentinian Melody by San Jose featuring Rodriguez Argentina

This was the world cup theme for the BBC for that year.
An instrumental all the way through.

Watch the video here

We Got the Whole World in Our Hands( Nottingham Forest) by Paper Lace

Paper Lace a few years before had a huge No1 hit with"Billy Don’t Be a Hero", and they were discovered on a tv talent programme. After this record their time was up.

Football or soccer, depending where you live in the world, is so linked to music. Maybe the 60s anthems that are sung on the terraces eevry Saturday pay homage to that.

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