1970s Minor Hits: Part One

Here is an occasional series of old vinyl records that upon listening again I have never recalled hearing the records before. So here is today missing hits of the 70s, do you remember them?

1. "Before My Heart Runs Out" by Gene Cotton.
Gene had several US hits in the mid 1970s, of which this was his biggest Billboard Chart hit in 1978.
Born in Ohio and and even in later life ran for Election in US.
Gene Cotton official website 

Listen to the track here
 Before My Heart Finds Out - Gene Cotton (1977)

2."Flash Light" by Parliament.
Funk group from 1978 with this hit, voted 198 in the Rolling Stones Top 500 Hits of all time, and I still never heard of it.

 Flash Light - Parliament (1978)

3."Thunder Island" by Jay Ferguson.
Again this hit of the 70s , comes from 1978. His only chart hit, but Jay was playing classical music on the Piano from the age of 12, and formed bands and now among other things is a composer, including composing for films.
 Thunder Island - Jay Ferguson (1978)

I will be going through more old vinyl records for more hidden hits of the 70s, so keep coming back.

Send your hidden tracks to Soundsofthe1970s@yahoo.com

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