1970s Top Ten by John Miele

The70s music, was a mix of everything, from novelty records,disco,rock,country and so so much more. In an occasional series we ask readers to come up with their Top Ten of the 1970s.

John Miele is a US reader , living with his wife in Manila in The Philippines. So now here in reverse order is Johns Top Ten of The 70s music.

John's Top Ten Songs of the 1970s -No.10
Pigs by Pink Floyd

Official Website of Pink Floyd

Written by Roger Walters and from the album "Animals" that was released in 1977

John's Top Ten Songs of the 1970s -No.9
Child In Time by Deep Purple
From 1970 and from the album "Deep Purple In Rock", written as a protest song against the Vietnam war.

Official Website of Deep Purple

John's Top Ten Songs of the 1970s -No.8
Highway Song by Blackfoot
From the Album  "Strikes" in 1979.

John's Top Ten Songs of the 1970s -No.7
Lady In Black by Uriah Heep
From the 1971 album "Salisbury", a song about a man challenged by war, who meets a goddess.

The Official Website Of Uriah Heep.

John's Top Ten Songs of the 1970s -No.6
Love To Love by UFO
Back to 1977 now for the British Rock Group UFO, and from the album "Lights Out" and with Paul Chapman back in the band. Enjoy!
John's Top Ten Songs of the 1970s -No.5
Birds Of Fire by Mahavishnu Orchestra
This is the title track from the 1973 album of the same name, the band  a form of Jazz fusion split in in 1976, and reformed in the 1980s.

John's Top Ten Songs of the 1970s -No.4.
California Uber Alles by Dead Kennedys
1979 saw the very first single from this group, the song refers to the German National Anthem and the governor of  then of California, very complicated for sure.

In to Johns TOP THREE OF THE 1970S.
John's Top Ten Songs of the 1970s -No.3
Superstar by The Carpenters.
Lets go back to 1971 to the voice of Karen Carpenter, from the Album "The Carpenters", comes this beautiful record, surprising to know that this was not an original Carpenters record, but was a hit before for "Bramlett" and "Mad Dogs", but Richards arrangements make it the best version ever.

The Official Website For The Carpenters.
John's Top Ten Songs of the 1970s -No.2
Anarchy In The UK by The Sex Pistols
Punk rock at its best or worse from 1976, the British group hit the charts with this song from "Never Mind The Bollocks, here is The Sex Pistols", great title huh? The song  was the last on EMI as they dropped the band whilst this record was out, as they had had huge bad publicity from a TV interview that led to swearing on TV.

                                                                      THE NO1
Here is John Meiles number one of the 1970s, "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin, from 1975 and the album "Physical Graffiti". Mostly written by Robert Plant a few years earlier as he travelled across hundreds of miles.
He said
"The whole inspiration came from the fact that the road went on and on and on. It was a single-track road which neatly cut through the desert. Two miles to the East and West were ridges of sandrock. It basically looked like you were driving down a channel, this dilapidated road, and there was seemingly no end to it. 'Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dreams...' It's one of my favourites...that, 'All My Love' and 'In the Light' and two or three others really were the finest moments. But 'Kashmir' in particular. It was so positive, lyrically.