70s Artist Watch:The Beatles

The Beatles split up in 1970, after making the world a richer place, and making tunes that never die, but the legal ramifications took years before The Beatles were legally split in 1975, but they were still part of 70s music.

 So music of the 70s had all the Beatles members, who had solo projects in the 1970s, Paul McCartney had his Wings, John Lennon had “Imagine”, Ringo Starr had his “Photograph”, and George Harrison had “My Sweet Lord” More on the individual members influence in the 70s in later articles.

The last Beatles album "Let it be" in 1970, included the tracks "Get back" a hit again in the 1970s and the "Long and winding road"  the next  album was The Beatles 1962-1966.

Here is a hit single from 1970 "The Beatles" and "Let It Be". Paul McCartney was inspired to write the song, whilst reflecting on the death of his mother when he was aged just fourteen.

Here are the guitar chords for "Let It Be"

In 1970 the group had Come Together in the chart which hung over from the 1969 charts.

Also to chart in the music of the 70s was the beautiful "Long And Winding Road" that Paul wrote when  he was at his farm in Scotland.

The full lyrics to "Long And Winding Road".

The long and winding road

That leads to your door

Will never disappear

I've seen that road before
It always leads me here
Lead me to your door.
The wild and windy night
That the rain washed away
Has left a pool of tears
Crying for the day.
Why leave me standing here?
Let me know the way.
Many times I've been alone
And many times I've cried,
Anyway you'll never know
The many ways I've tried.
And still they lead me back
To the long, winding road
You left me standing here
A long, long time ago
Don't leave me waiting here
Lead me to your door.
But still they lead me back
To the long winding road
You left me standing here
A long, long time ago (ohhh)
Don't keep me waiting here (don't keep me waiting)
Lead me to your door. (yeah yeah yeah yeah)

Other hits on the album also included massive 1960s hits like.

“Love Me Do”,”Please, Please me”,”She Loves You”,”Yesterday”,”Help”,”Daytripper”,”Yellow Submarine” and so many more huge hits.

 The Beatles had  several big Single hits in 1976, including the beautiful  track “Yesterday” written by Paul, who insists he  dreamed the tune.

The second  Beatles  compilation released  was for the period that covered  1967- 1970 , this included  “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”,”Lady Madonna”,”Hey Jude”,”Get Back”,”Across The Universe” and many of these getting back into the single charts in the 1970s.

  Another LP out this year "Rock  "n" roll music" and then in 1977 along came "Love songs" that included “In My Life”,”Michelle”,”The Long And Winding Road “, and if that was not enough “The Beatles at the Hollywood bowl” was also out this year.The music of the group was now being enjoyed by the next generation.

 The Beatles then hads "The Beatles Collections”,”Rarities” and “The Beatles Ballads” ,and the albums kept the beatles music alive throughout the 1970s, and the singles kept re entering the 70s music charts again, deja vous?

Here are two more Beatle hits that charted again in the 70s music, starting with "Back In The USSR". written in 1968, and coming from "The White "album, the single was inspired by Chuck Berry's  "Back In The USA" and the music of The Beach Boys.

The Beatles had a few singles out after but nothing really charted, and The Beatles ended in the 1970s with a little whimper.

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