In Memory 2010: Bobby Hebb

Not a name that means too much to most people about the hits of the 70s music, he was born in 1938 in Nashville, who later had the nickname given to him "Song A Day A Man". After the assassination of J F K and the murder of his dad he wrote the classic "Sunny", which has been recorded bu so many people, here is the classic 70s version as sung by Boney M. 

The song originated from 1966 when it appeared on a Beatles album.

Another 70s music hit penned by Bobby Hebb came for the singer Lou Rawls with "A Natural Man".

Died August 3rd 2010


  1. May I suggest that you embed the following version of 'Sunny' in this post?

    I think this should make a few readers sit up and take notice ;-)


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