Seventies Music Charts: Top Ten Hits From April 1973

Here are the pop charts for weekend the 7th April 1973 UK

1.Get Down by Gilbert O' Sullivan
Born in Ireland in 1946 as Raymond Edward O'Sullivan, this was No1 in  the UK and the US, and was one of many hits from this sianger songwriter. I recall that the song appeared on "Top Of The Pops" before the days video was used to cover an artist not being able to appear,on this occasion the dancers from the programmes called Pans People, danced to the song with a load of dogs on stage. One of the dogs got bored and walked off, and that stayed in the transmission.

Some of the Lyrics

Told you once before
And I won't tell you no more
Get down, get down, get down
You're a bad dog baby
But I still want you 'round

You give me the creeps
When you jump on your feet
So get down, get down, get down
Keep your hands to yourself
I'm strictly out of bounds

Once upon a time I drank a little wine
Was as happy as could be, happy as could be
Now I'm just like a cat on a hot tin roof
Baby what do you think you're doin' to me

Told you once before
And I won't tell you no more
So get down, get down, get down
You're a bad dog baby
But I still want you 'round around
I still want you around
aye aye aye

2.The Twelfth of Never by Donny Osmond
Hard to believe that  teen idol Donny was born in 1957, this record was another solo hit away from the super group The Osmonds, in fact  this was one of many solo hits of this year, and the record itself was made famous by Johnny Mathis, a hit in 1957,  that tells a story of a date that will never happen.

Article about Osmonds



His younger brother was No.6 this week.

3.Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree by Dawn featuring Tony Orlando.
This huge single became the number one record of the year both in the UK and the US. The yellow ribbon around the tree was to show in some customs that you are missing a loved one and hoping for their return.Tony in fact was a cover singer for many years in the 60s.

4.Power To All Our Friends by Cliff Richard

5.I Am A Clown/Some Kind Of A Summer by David Cassidy
The second teen idol in the chart this week is David Cassidy who starred in the the hit TV series "The Partridge Family"

I am A Clown Lyrics

See the funny little clown, see the puppet on a string
Wind him up, he'll sing, give him candy and he'll dance
But be certain not to feel that his funny face is real

Step right up and see him folks, couldn't you die at all his jokes
Couldn't you cry at all the tricks, he'll come up with in a fix
But be certain not to stray 'cause he'll steal your heart away

I am a clown, I am a clown, clown
You'll always see me smile, you'll never see me frown
Sometimes my scenes are good, sometimes they're bad
Not funny, ha-ha, funny sad 

I am a clown, look at the clown, clown 
Always a laughing face whenever you're around 
Always the same routine, I never change 
Not funny, ho-ho, funny strange

6. Tweedle Dee by Jimmy Osmond
7.Cum On Feel The Noize by Slade
8.Never,Never,Never (Grande,Grande,Grande) by Shirley Bassey
9.Love Train by The O Jays
10.Killing Me Softly With His Song by Roberta Flack