70s Music Artist watch: Perry Como

Mr Perry Como born in 1912, was acutlly called Pierino Ronald Como, and had some small chart success in the music of the 70s, his parents came from Italy. In his time Perry was a film and TV star and a great singer, in my young days I always got him confused with Andy Williams, not a bad mistake to make I  am sure.

Its fair to say that his best work was prior to the 1970s, however he was still very popular and wouyld appaer on British TV at a few Royal engagements, and was still perforning at the London Pladium in the 1970s.

Perry died in 2001.

In 1971 he had a small UK hit called I Think Of You

Here he is in 1973 with "And I Love You So" a song actually written in 1970 by Don Mclean, who himself had a great influence on the music of the 70s.

Perry Como sings one of his best 70s songs "And I Love You So".

Perry Como "And I Love You So " Lyrics.

Still in 1973 Perry had his last UK hit with "For The Good Times", a hit in the US  for Ray Price in 1970, the song was written by Kris Kristofferson.