70s Artist Watch:Al Stewart

This guy has written and performed some of the best music of the 1970s, and to many hes not a famous man, but his music speaks for him. Al Stewart was born in Scotland in 1945 as  Alistair Ian Stewart, and he  started his 70s career by appearing at Glastonbury in 1970, and even shared an apartment with Paul Simon.

Stewart's first album was the 1967 "Bed Sitter Images" which was re released in 1970, in Japan the album was called  "The News From Spain"

The next LP was "Zero She Flies" in 1970 that has songs referring to the outbreak of World War One, the album "Orange" followed in 1972.

It was 1973 when "Past ,Present and Future" was released  and got to 133 in the Billboard charts,and "Modern Times followed in 1975 produced by Alan Parsons.

The big break through was 1976 with the album and single "Year Of The Cat", with its beautiful words and a sax break, the single tells the story of a night of passion with a hippie girl.

The other single to come from the album was the beautiful  "On The Border"

Moving on to 1978 saw the release of "Time Passages" the name of the album and the title track, enjoy this music of the 70s classic now.

Interview with Al Stewart