In Memory 2010: General Norman Johnston

General Norman Johnston was best known as the lead singer in the group Chairman Of The Board. He was born in  1943 and died October 2010, and when we look at his time  and influence on the music of the 70s, we may not have known his name, but we know his music. Here is Chairman Of The Board 1970 hit "Give Me Just A Little More Time".

The song is about a man asking for his ex lover back, and the record was written by Holland and Dozier and Holland Jnr, but because of a legal battle they called themselves Edythe Wayne on the record.

There second hit from the music of the 1970s  was this "You Got Me Dangling On A String"
Also that year they had a hit called "Everythings Tuesday", the B side was called "Patches" written by Johnston that became a huge worldwide hit for  Clarence Carter in the same year, a Grammy award winner..
1971 saw  more hits, including "Pay To The Piper","Chairman Of The Board"and "Hanging On To A Memory".

By 1972 the steam was running out, but they did have very catchy chart hit called "Elmo James".