70s Music Artist Watch: Father Abraham

The 70s music would not be complete without a few truly awful records that got into the charts, well here is one that falls into that category.

Following the success of the Smurfs cartoon and comic series,that were drawn by Belgium artist Peyo, it was perhaps inevitable that the Smurfs would hit the pop world too. So in 1978 Father Abraham, born in  Netherlands in 1935 as  Petrus Antonius Laurentius Pierre Kartner,  he was a prolific song writer, and had chart hits, including a No1 in his home country.
He was asked to make a promotional song for the forthcoming movie "The Smurfs" and sold an astonishing 500,000 copies. The album was a hit too, and Kartner  continued to record Smurf records, selling over 25 MILLION copies worldwide, that's correct 25 MILLION.

The Smurfs are still going strong,and 70s music will not forget The Smurf Song, and as for Father Abraham, he is still going, as he wrote the 2101 Belgium entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.