70s Music Artist watch: The Goodies

The Goodies were a British trio who became really famous for their TV series "The Goodies",the popularity of the programme allowed them to have some really off the wall chart hits.

The Goodies on TV.

The 70s music surprise group consisted of , from left to right, Bill Oddie,Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden who all met at University of Cambridge, and worked with most of the Monty Python team at one point or another, establishing a firm link between both of the series.

The biggest hit for The Goodies  was" Funky Gibbon", try not to wiggle your feet during this 70s music classic from 1975?

Lyrics for "Funky Gibbon".

They also had a double A side hit with "The Inbetweenies" and "Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me", not that many people can say they had a DOUBLE A SIDE from 1974.

If you were British or Australian than this would be cult for you. The last one to play from 1975 is "Black Pudding Bertha(The Queen of Northern Soul)", this came from the TV series episode that had made one man literally die laughing as he watched the programme. Not a bad way to go.