70s Music Artist Watch: Madness

In 1976 the future fun group called Madness were formed , they started life as The Invaders in London under the umbrella of  pop and ska on the 2tone label and had a huge influence on the late 70s on the music of the 70s..
Graham  McPherson joined the group in 1977, who would become know later as "Suggs" the lead singer.

There is no doubt that the eighties was the big time for the group, but the 70s produced a few memorable tracks too.

In 1979 Madness released "The Prince" a tribute to Jamaican  singer Prince Buster.
Next up is the title track from "One Step Beyond", this single was written by the late Prince Buster.
But the most successful hit was "My Girl" again from "One Step Beyond", originally a song from their days as "The Invaders" and that concluded Madness music of the 70s.