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The  70s music No.1 best selling single of 1970 in the UK was the amazing "Layla" by  Derek and the Dominos featuring of course the legendary Eric Clapton on the magical guitar.

Here is a video I made about the making of this famous song.
The song  came from the album "Layla and  other assorted love songs"  released in late 1970.The song involves  ex Beatle George Harrison (Died 2001) , who was married to Patti Boyd in 1966 whilst making the Beatles film "A Hard Days Night", Eric was falling in love with Patti too.

Patti was born in  England in 1944, and first came to the public eye as a model in the 1960s and married George in 1966. Patti's sister went out with Eric, but left him when she realised "Layla" was all about her sister and not her.

The title "Layla" refers to a 12th  century story about a Persian poet Nizami  Ganjavi who lived 1141 to 1209,and was based on a short story called "Layla and Majnun". The other major guitarist on the single was Duane Allman from the US, who died the very next year 1971 after a motorbike crash, the bass guitarist Carl Radle died in 1980 from Kidney failure due to excess drinking.

Jim Gordon another musician murdered his mum in the 1980s.


70s music maestro Eric  Clapton  actually married Patti in 1979, but ten years later they were divorced for many reasons including drink problems and the fact he had other ladies in his life, and at least one child too.

Lyrics to "Layla"

Eric also wrote another 70s music classic in 1976 called "Wonderful Tonight" for Patti.

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