70s Music Christmas 1973

The 70s music Christmas charts were so important in the 1970s, with not only the prestige of getting a Christmas hit, but a NUMBER One Christmas hit was the icing on the cake, the Christmas Cake.

During this 70s music Christmas Season we look at the music of Christmas Day 1971 and highlight those Christmas records to stir the memory of the 70s music.

Having to use a bit of editorial control here to decide what was a Christmas hit, so if it does not match your criteria, apologies.

This chart comes from the 22nd December 1973.

Wizzard and I wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Roy Wood from the 1960s group The Move , was the glam rock front man of this Christmas Classic record, a long way from his time with the ELO too.
The song was in a battle with Slade to see who would get to the highest position of that year, and this then became the start of the battle for No.1 at Christmas. Wizzard lost the battle, but this record remains a huge favourite at festive time for British audiences.

Wizzard were not alone , as they were joined on this record by by backing group called The Suedettes and The Stockland Green Bilateral School (First Year), and it works well, just listen.

The record that got to No.1 is the daddy of them all really, it is played EVERY year and heralds Christmas time in the UK.
 Slade and Merry Xmas Everybody

More Glam rock now with the fun group Slade from Wolverhampton, who in the 70s were the original FUN band that it was great to like, despite being eight or eighty, they were led by Noddy Holder, who's pension is huge because of this record.

The single was written by Noddy and another band member Jim Lea, and was loosely based on some old writings from many years before they originally discarded.