70s Music Christmas 1974

The Christmas charts were so important in the 1970s, with not only the prestige of getting a Christmas hit, but a NUMBER One Christmas hit was the icing on the cake, the Christmas Cake.

During this Christmas Season we look at the music of Christmas Day 1970 and highlight those Christmas records to stir the memory of the 70s music.

Having to use a bit of editorial control here to decide what was a Christmas hit, so if it does not match your criteria, apologies.

This chart comes from the 21st December 1974.

Gilbert O'Sullivan and The Christmas Song

This is a beautiful festive song from Gilbert O'Sullivan, who was voted the No.1 male in the UK in 1972, Gilbert is still writing and performing today. He was also nominated fro a Grammy in 1972.

See article The Goodies 
with a double A side The Inbetweenies
AND Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me

Here we have Tim Brook_Taylor,Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden performing a Christmas comedy record.

The Wombles and A Wombling  Merry Christmas

Now for those of you who do not know the Wombles are strange furry creatures who live in Wimbledon Common and help clear rubbish, we know that because of the book and the worldwide TV series.

The Wombles had many hits, and even charted with the LPs, they were a phenomenal surprise.
The creator of the Wombles was Elisabeth Beresford, and the man behind the music of the Wombles was Mike Batt, who also discovered Katie Melula and  wrote "Bright Eyes" theme for the rabbit film  "Watership Down", which got to No.1 in the single charts by Art Garfunkel.
Mud and Lonley This Christmas

Mud was another very successful family Glam Rock group fronted by  Les Gray who sang some of this song in an Elvis way, unfortunately Les died in 2004 from a heart attack and throat cancer.

Lyrics to "Lonley This Christmas"

The group were to have the best selling record of 1974 too, with the single "Tigerfeet".