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The Christmas charts were so important in the 1970s, with not only the prestige of getting a Christmas hit, but a NUMBER One Christmas hit was the icing on the cake, the Christmas Cake.

During this  Christmas Season we look at the music of Christmas Day 1970 and highlight those Christmas records to stir the memory of the 70s music.

Having to use a bit of editorial control here to decide what was a Christmas hit, so if it does not match your criteria, apologies.

This chart comes from the 2oth December 1975.


Dana and  It's Going To Be A Cold Cold Christmas Without You

One of my dads favourites here. After her appearance on the 1970 Eurovision song contest  "All kinds of everything", she was also an actress and a future Irish politician.

Judge Dread and Christmas in Dreadland
From Brixton South London,Alexander Minto Hughes as was a white reggae singer, but also he used to make "naughty" singles too. He made ELEVEN hits that were banned by the BBC and other broadcasters, and most charted but could never be played, and this was one of them.

He died in 1998 as he came off stage from a heart attack.

Here is the record on the Cactus label.


British DJ and  club performer here with a real novelty record. A Christmas story that was narrated by Chris about things going on in 1975, he would add sound clips to make it very humorous. So funny he did it again in 1976.

Greg Lake and I Believe In Father Christmas

Wow, what a record, this record sounded like a huge musical to me when I first heard it, all those years a go in the pop chart.
Greg Lake was in so many groups, including Uriah Heap,then in 1970 he formed Emerson,Lake and Palmer, and this hit was a surprise to him, as he wrote the record as an anti Christmas song.

No.1 Christmas week was


  1. luv queens song n greg lake n dana dint like chris hill or judge dread songs n mike oldfields indulci jubilo shud av been a top ten hit i loved it


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