70s Music Christmas 1978

The Christmas charts were so important in the 1970s, with not only the prestige of getting a Christmas hit, but a NUMBER One Christmas hit was the icing on the cake, the Christmas Cake.

During this  Christmas Season we look at the music of Christmas Day 19786 and highlight those Christmas records to stir the memory of the 70s music.

Having to use a bit of editorial control here to decide what was a Christmas hit, so if it does not match your criteria, apologies.

This chart comes from the 23rd December 1978.

Father Abrahm  and The Smurfs and Christmas in Smurfland

Following the success of the Smurfs cartoon and comic series,that were drawn by Belgium artist Peyo, it was perhaps inevitable that the Smurfs would hit the pop world too. So in 1978 Father Abraham, born in  Netherlands in 1935 as  Petrus Antonius Laurentius Pierre Kartner,  he was a prolific song writer, and had chart hits, including a No1 in his home country.

Following the success of "The Smurf Song" earlier in the year it was inevitable that the blue creatures would return for a Christmas hit.


This successful German session group had huge disco hits in the 1970 pop charts, and this was a great Christmas record to come up with. Originally a hit for Harry Belafonte in the 1950s, he of the co writer fame "We Are the World"