Artist Watch: Tymes

Not many groups have a simultanous No1 in the UK and US, but the Philadelphia group The Tymes acheived this in the 1960s. The group was formed way back in 1956 under the name The Latineers, and achieved high US single hits in the 1960s, including a number one.

Their first 70s music single to chart in the UK, came in 1974, with the hit "You Little Trustmaker", this reached No.18 in the BBC charts. Released on RCA records and written by Christopher Mack Jackson, and the producer became the lead singer , his name was Billy Jackson.

The big hit of 70s music fame was to come in 1975 called "Ms Grace", a deserved No.1 single, it was written by husband and wife team John and Johanna Hall.

The group tried to compete with the emerging disco scene, but they failed, and this was their last big hit.
There were many group members in the time of the Tymes, and one of the group members George Williams died in 2004.