Artist Watch:Roxy Music

Back in the 70s music era Bryan Ferry formed a group, that in one way or another is still going today. The group was called Roxy Music. Bryan the main writer and lead singer, he was joined in the band by Phil Manzanera, Andy Mackay who joined in 1971, Paul Thompson who also joined in 1971 after working with John Miles. Brian Eno  who was with the group 1971 to 1973, Brian left the group after constant arguments with Bryan Ferry, and worked in the 1970s with Genesis and David Bowie. Graham Simpson was the other member for awhile.

Brian was replaced in 1973 by Eddie Jobson, who in the 1979s also worked for Jethro Tull and Frank Zappa.

Bryan lost his job as a teacher and in 1970, and applied to King Crisom to be a band member, he was turned down by the band, but they were impressed with him and that they assisted in getting him a contract with EG records for the band Roxy Music.

The first album was in 1972 and was called Roxy Music. The British version of the album does NOT include their first single, although in other territories it does. Of course that first single was "Virginia Plain" Rik Keyton had replaced Graham by this time, and the single went as high as number 4 in the UK charts. The title came from a painting that Bryan ahd done himself, along with a little insperation from Baby Jane Holzer.

Now the band had signed to Island Records ,and the 1973 album had no single release, but the stand alone single was "Pyjamarama".

Lyrics to "Pyjamarama"

The next album in November 1973 was called "Stranded" and featured the best single to come from Roxy Music (in my humble opinion) "Street Life".

Lyrics to "Street Life"

Another year and another album, this time called "Country Life", and Bryan was becoming a superstar in fashion, music and the ladies he dated, and another hit single "All I Want Is You" . 

Another year and another album, this one was "Siren" with Jerry Hall his girlfriend on the front cover. The album spawned two single hits. The hit "Both Ends Burning" which on the B side had a live version from the Empire Pool Wembley in 1975. But by far the biggest hit was "Love Is The Drug" The song was inspired by Ferry in a loving mood walking along Hyde Park, and kicking the leaves.

During this time Ferry was also releasing solo material, which was not going down well with the band, However the public loved it. Bryan Ferry solo ARTICLE will be coming soon.

As Roxy Music the group disbanded in 1976, but reformed at the end of the 1970s with the album "Manifesto" which included  the singles  "Trash" and the single "Dance Away", which was initially  scheduled as a Bryan Ferry solo project,but did not happen.

Lyrics to "Dance Away"

The very last hit of the 70s music era for Roxy Music was "Angel Eyes".