Seventies Music Chart No1s of 1975 (US) August

Here are all the No1 records from the year 1975 from the US charts of that year. It really is a who's who of 70s music, and turn it up really loud and enjoy. We continue with August of that year.

Jive Talkin' by Bee Gees

It was four years since the last Bee Gees hit, and now they were back in the charts with this strange named record. The three brothers named the record Drive Talking, as the sound of their car was the inspiration to the record. The car when going across a certain bridge made the sound that you can hear all through this hit record.

They were also surprised to find out that Jive Talkin' was black slang for "Bullxxxxing", but never the less al three brothers decided to continue, and sent the records in a plain white envelope to the radio stations. This sparked an interest and the record began to get airplay.

Jive Talkin' would also later appear on the famous "Saturday Night Fever" LP. The big one in the hits of 70s music.

Lyrics to "Jive Talkin' "

Reynolds actually left the group in 1972, but the groups name remained unchanged as Alan Dennison replaced him. The group members actually performed together in the 1960s under a different name, and in the 70ds music charts had small er hits at the beginning of the 1970s. This song gave them a Gold disc that year.

Get Down Tonight by KC and The Sunshine Band
Mr Harry "KC" Wayne Casey the lead singer here, ith a group he founded in 1973. This hugly disco sounding song was actually inspired by the Irish singer Gilbert O'Sullivan and his song "Get Down".

Rhinestone Cowboy by Glenn Campbell