In Memory 2011 Joesph Brooks

Joesph Brooks was born in 1938, and in 1977 he wrote the song "You Light Up My Life", a song that was a worldwide hit for many different performers. The first to have a hit with this single in 1977 was Debbie Boone. Her version got to No. 1 in the U.S. for ELEVEN weeks, and got to No. 3 in the best selling singles of that year. It was a minor hit in the UK, getting to No. 48.

Brooks won  several big awards for the song including the Grammy for song of the year, and Academy award for best original song and also a  golden globe too.  Boone won the best new artist award and was nominated in the Grammys too.

On May 22nd 2011 Brooks committed suicide rather than face 91 charges including rape, sexual abuse and more.