1970s Music in 2000

The music of the1970s still rings in our ears. And here in the first of an occasional series we look at records that were re-released in the 2000s. The hits were originally hits in the1970s.

The year is 2000 these were hits all over again..
Seasons in the Sun by Westlife
Originally a hit for Terry Jacks

Terry was born in Canada in 1948 and travelled to meet the Beach Boys in the early 1970s to produce a record called Seasons in the Sun. They did not use it and Terry did. The record itself dates back to the early 1960s and was a hit in Belgium.

Lyrics to Seasons in the Sun

The song was slightly re-written by Terry, and Terry's version has sold over TEN million copies and Terry even named his boat after the single, and tells the story of a dying man. The song only was launched by Terry after a delivery boy at his house asked if he could play the song to his friends after hearing being played at Terry's house. That boy inspired Terry to release it himself.

American Pie by Madonna
Originally a hit for Don Mclean

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Celine Dion
Originally a hit for Roberta Flack
Roberta was born in the U.S. in 1937 and was discovered after doing a benefit concert at a school, but it was Clint Eastwood that made her career by choosing this song from her album for his film "Play Misty For Me". The song became the record of the year in 1973 and also won a Grammy.
The song was written way back in 1957 by  and was also a hit in the 1960s by Peter Paul and Mary.

Bright Eyes by Stephen Gately
Originally a hit for  Art Garfunkel
Art was born Arthur Ira Garfunkel in the U.S. and with Paul Simon formed a group called Tom and Jerry, which became Simon and Garfunkel and all the huge hits they had will take up many articles. Art teamed up with Mike Batt the "Wombles" man to provide a single hit to the animated film Watership Down, all about rabbits. This song was a million seller and a huge hit around many territories.
You See The Trouble With Me by  Black Legend
Originally a hit for Barry White

Born 1944 and dead in 2003 the Walrus of love has left a legacy of great music. This song was co written by Ray Parker Jnr of the Ghostbusters fame, and came from the album Let the Music Play.

We Will Rock You by Queen and Five 
Originally a hit for Queen in from the 1977 album A Day at the Races.

Schools Out by Daphne and Celeste
Originally a hit for Alice Cooper

Morning has Broken by Daniel O'Donnell
Originally a hit in 1971 by Cat Stevens

I Wish it Could be a Wombling Merry Christmas Everyday by Wombles and Roy Wood
Originally a hit for Wizzard and also the Wombles.

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