Seventies Music Charts No.1's from 1975 October (US)

Here are all the No1 records from the year 1975 from the US charts of that year. It really is a who's who of  the 1970s, SO turn it up really loud and enjoy the  music. We continue with October of that year.

Bad Blood by Neil Sedaka

Not a hit in the UK, but a big No. 1 in the U.S. for Neil along with Elton John, who joins him on this single. The record was written by Neil and Phil Cody.

Lyrics to Bad Blood

Island Girl by Elton John

Elton stayed at No. 1 again with this great single  from his album "Rock of the Westies". Amazingly the lyrics are about a man trying to take a prostitute (could even be a gay prostitute) back to Jamaica. Elton himself did not "come out" until many years later.