Seventies Music Charts No.1's from 1975(US)

Here are all the No1 records from the year 1975 from the US charts of that year. It really is a who's who of  the 1970s, and turn it up really loud and enjoy the70s music. We continue with September of that year.

Fame by David Bowie

David actually was in contract dispute during this time, and spent  time in New York with John Lennon, which led to a recording session where Bowie did a version of the Beatles "Across the Universe". David also was inspired by a guitar rift by Carlos Alomar, and a song title mentioned by John Lennon himself.
David  actually mimed to this single on the U.S. Soul Train.

Bowie said of fame.
"Fame itself, of course, doesn't really afford you anything more than a good seat in a restaurant. That must be pretty well known by now. I'm just amazed how fame is being posited as the be all and end all, and how many of these young kids who are being foisted on the public have been talked into this idea that anything necessary to be famous is all right. It's a sad state of affairs. However arrogant and ambitious I think we were in my generation, I think the idea was that if you do something really good, you'll become famous. The emphasis on fame itself is something new. Now it's, to be famous you should do what it takes, which is not the same thing at all. And it will leave many of them with this empty feeling. Then again, I don't know if it will, because I think a lot of them are genuinely quite satisfied. I know a couple of personalities over in England who are famous for being famous, basically."  Full Interview on Rocks Backpage. 
Lyrics to "Fame".

I'm Sorry/Calypso by John Denver

This song appears on eleven albums, and was first released on the windsong album, and has also been released on the greatest hits vol 2, favourites, the very best of john denver (double cd), 

Classics, reflections, the country roads collection and the rocky mountain collection albums. a new studio version has been released on the love again and a celebration of life albums. 

Lyrics to" I'm Sorry" 

After John  " Fame" went back to No. 1 again

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