Hermans Hermits in the 1970s

Not a group you first associate with music in the 1970s, but apart from some re-releases they also had a handful of hits during the 1970s decade.

The group was formed way back in 1963, and after nearly eight huge years at the top in the U.S., lead singer Peter Noone left, along with Keith Hopwood in 1971. The Hermits 1960s hits included "NO Milk Today","Sunshine Girl" and many more.

The group partly reformed in 1973 for a tour with the Monkees. but it was clear the main fame had completely gone.

The members of the group have been in legal rows for decades over the names of the group. Group member Derek Leckenby died in 2004.

In 1970 they had their first hit of the decade with "Years May Come, Years May Go".

Lyrics to "Years May Come, Years May Go"

In May of 1970 that had a modest hit with "Bet Your Life I Do", which reached No. 22 in the UK charts.

The third single of 1970 was  was Lady Barbara which was credited as Peter Noone and Hermans Hermits.

Technically this was the last single by the group, but Peter Noone  had a solo hit with "Oh, You Pretty Thing" which many people still associated with his group. This single was written by David Bowie.