Eurovision Song Contest 1973 and 1974

1973 the contest was hosted in Luxembourg. This was also the year that the contestants did NOT have to sing in their native language. Therefore the songs were now going to be understood by a much bigger audience.

It was the year that Cliff Richard was the UK entry, with Power To All Our Friends. Although he came 3rd, the song was a big European hit. And of course Cliff Richard came 2nd in the 1960s with Congratulations. Although it seems that the history books were politically re written and he actually won. But that cannot be proved.

His 1973 hit Power To All Our Friends was chosen by the British public on the Cilla Black TV show. 

The winner that year was Luxembourg with Ann Marie David singing Tu Te Recconaitras, which scored the highest ever points in the whole of the Eurovision Contest ever.The song was a hit by her in the UK, under the title Wonderful Dream. Anne Marie was in the contest in 1979 too, representing France this time.



This is the year the Eurovision produced one of the biggest groups in the history of the world. The BBC were in charge from Brighton, and the entry that year for the UK was Australian born singer Olivia Newton John, who was already a star, but not yet the Grease star though. She performed Long Live Love, which in itself was a great record.

But the winner this year was the Swedish group that would dominate the charts for the remainder of the 1970s. The four members of Abba, could do nothing wrong. The song was written by the group members, and they had in fact been in the contest the previous year with Honey Honey.

The song Waterloo has been voted the best ever Eurovision record in the history of the long running show.


  1. In 1973 ABBA competed to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Ring Ring but only came third that year in their competing show, they didnt actually make Eurovision.
    Indeed it was the following year they dominated everything with Waterloo.

  2. The article is incorrect in its reference to Israel who did not win the contest until 1978 (and also won it in 1979). The 1972 Eurovision winners were Luxembourg with the song 'Apres Toi' which was sung by the Greek singer Vicky Leandros, and hence the 1973 contest was therefore held in Luxembourg City and Anne-Marie David (French) won for the host country. Luxembourg were always prepared to use singers from other countries - fair enough they are only a small country. It was economics, as Luxembourg did not want to host again that dictated the 1974 contest be held in Brighton England, were of course Abba won with Waterloo.


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