Eurovision Song Contest 1975 and 76/77

After the previous excitement of Brighton last year and the win by Abba, the Eurovision became even more important. This was 1975, and the contest was held in Sweden. The  British entry was The Shadows with Let Me Be The One. A record that did nothing really, although it managed to limp into 9th place.

The winner though, was Sweden with the group Teach In and Ding A Dong. It was to become a big UK hit.
This was the year the show was held in The Hague, and it was the year that the UK won the competition with the group Brotherhood Of Man. The song was written by Tony Hiller, who also wrote other Brotherhood Of Man hits,including United We Stand,Angelo and Figaro. The song was co-written by two of the actual band members Lee Sheridan who achieved three Ivor Novello Awards. Martin Lee was also a singer and songwriter for the group with this million seller record.

The record went on to become the biggest selling record in the UK of the year, and even reached the top thirty in the U.S.

Back to the UK now and it was London that presented the contest. And it was the French that won with L'oiseau et l'enfant "The Bird And The Child"

The UK had  the duo Mike Moran and Lynsey De Paul with the hit Rock Bottom. Lynsey had five UK top twenty hits in the 1970s, and had scored two Ivor Novellos in the process.