70s Artist Racey

This fun pop group came from Weston -Super-Mare in the UK, and it was Phil Fursdon and Clive Wilson, who formed the group in 1976, both were band members. Pop gods Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn were the guiding producers and writers behind the group.

The very first single by Racey was Baby It's You by the Smokie group member Chris Norman. The single was a very minor hit in the BBC charts..

It was in  1978 when they had their first major breakthrough single called Lay Your Love On Me on the RAK label.

On to the next year and the biggest hit the group ever had was Some Girls which reached No. 3 in 1979.

The last big single was in 1979, but only reached No. 22 and was called Boy Oh Boy and was written by Roger Ferris who used to be a sound engineer for the Beatles.
 Band member Pete Miller died in 2006 from cancer.