Seventies Music Chart No1's From 1975 October

We continue looking at the big No. 1 songs of the year 1975. We now move into the month of October, and the U.S. singles looked like this.

Bad Blood  by Neil Sedaka
Co-written by Neil too, this single had  Elton John performs as an unaccredited backing singer. This song turned out to be most successful single for Neil in the U.S. The track came from his album The Hungry Years on Rocket Records, which was founded by Elton John.
Lyrics to Bad Blood

Island Girl by Elton John
So Elton  was the guest vocals on the previous No. 1, and now he has his own No. 1 under his own name. Elton took this single from the album Rock Of The Westies, which was his tenth studio album. The album is just a joke reversal of the words West of the Rockies The song is about a male prostitute who wants to go back to Jamaica. Amazingly Elton managed to get this into the No. 1 single chart, without people really understanding the contents.

Lyrics to Island Girl