Artist of the 1970s Billy Ocean

Leslie Sebastian Charles was born in 1950 in Trinidad and moved to the UK when he was only eight years old. He changed his name to Billy Ocean after Ocean Estate where he use to live in London, and use to be a pub singer and a tailor in the very early 1970s.

His very first UK single was Love Really Hurts Without You getting to the number two slot in the UK in 1976. The single came from his album Billy Ocean. This fast paced fun single made Billy launch his 1970s career.

Lyrics to Love Really Hurts Without You

The next song to be a big hit was also from the same album. This time it was LOD Love On Delivery a much more poppy song, but still a popular top twenty hit for the same year. 

Same album and same year and it was a very aptly named single called  Stop Me If You Have Heard
It All Before.


Billy was to only have one more top twenty in the 1970s and it was Red Light Spells Danger which came from no album at all.

Billy would come back strong in the 1980s with Caribbean Queen and When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going.