Groups of the 1970s The O'Jays

Formed in Ohio in 1963 these school friends already had a few bands before naming the group O'Jays which was named after a famous local DJ called Eddie O'Jay. The group had a small number of hits in the 1960s.

By the 1970s the O'Jays were ready for a big hit and they had it with the amazing Back Stabbers in 1972. The album was also called Back Stabbers. The song is a warning to other men who do not realise their male friends are actually plotting to have fun with their wives or girlfriends.

Lyrics to Back Stabbers.

In 1973 the group were to have their biggest hit with Love Train which was written by Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff. These guys wrote some classic singles in the 1970s including TSOP, Wake Up Everybody and The Love I Lost for other groups. The lyrics call for peace around the whole world.
Lyrics to Love Train.

The group in the 1970s had nine top twenty albums, including The O'Jays Live In London, Survival and Message In The Music.

The next hit in the 1973 was Put Your Hands Together reaching No. 10 but not charting at all in the UK. 

In 1974 there was another U.S. hit with For The Love Of Money. It is fair to say that in all the years of existing the O'Jays had very few changes in line up. These are the names of the people that were or are still in the band.

Eddie Levert, Eric Grant, Nathaniel Best, Sammy Strain,, Bobby Massey, Bill Isles, Walter Williams and the late William Powell.

The year is now is now 1975 and the O'Jays have another big international hit with I Love Music. The song is also famous for having comedian Bill Crosby actually playing the drums in the studio recording.

Lyrics to I Love Music.

The group had seven top twenty singles in the 1970s in the U.S. and four in the UK.

The last UK chart hit for the group in the 1970s was Use Ta Be My Girl which was a million seller.