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Kenny were a mid 1970s boy band that had several hits that rarely get played on the gold stations anymore. Coming from a group called Chuff, they developed into Kenny thanks to the guidance of an established band manager. The manager was Peter Walsh who was involved with  the Tremeloes in the 60s and the 70s saw him guiding Marmalade and Hot Chocolate.

The group was made up of Rick Driscoll, Andy Walton, Chris Lacklison, Chris Redburn and Yan Style. The main writers for the group were Bill Marin and Phil Coulter who between them were responsible for hits like Back Home, Forever And Forever and Shangalang.

The first single it 1973 was really a minor hit called Heart Of Stone.

The groups first hit was The Bump. Most of the vocals for all their hits came from Barry Palmer who was never credited for his work on the singles. The Bump  has us all dancing and bashing our butts against each others butts.

The Bay City Rollers actually recorded this first.

The groups K as in Kenny was very much lie the Kellogg's logo and caused a small dispute with the company.

The Bump got to No. 3 (1974) and the next single Fancy Pants got to No. 4 in 1975. It was just as much fun as the first single.

Two more hits in 1975 that both got into the top twenty. Baby I Love You OK and the more successful Julie Anne.


  1. Were any of the members of Kenny from 1974/5 in the group that did "Heart Of Stone" and "Give It To Me Now"?, both bands sang in falsetto with a guy doing a deep voice line now and again.
    Also did 1973 Kenny cut an album?, the later band cut two, the second called "Ricochet" in Germany only and on the Polydor label

  2. "Baby I Love You, OK!" was my favourite single by the later Kenny and was kind of their answer to the Rollers' "Shang-A-Lang" of the previous year which was my favourite by them. It is funny that the Rollers' first album was called "Rollin'" which was the song on the B-side of "Give It To Me Now" by the first Kenny and the Rollers covered "Give It To Me Now" on "Rollin'" so there is a definite connection between Kenny and the Rollers - endorsed later of course by "The Bump". Slik joined the 'family' in 1976 getting to No.1 with "Forever And Ever", a song that had appeared on "The Sound Of Super K" albeit rather up-tempo compared to Slik's version. It's a wonder Kenny didn't cover "The Boogiest Band In Town" by Slik but that was left to The Arrows, another band on RAK. Bay City Rollers, Kenny and Slik all had their first five A sides penned by Martin & Coulter, another connection and all had pretty much had it by the end of 1976. Slik's Midge Ure resurfaced in Ultravox some four years later in 1980.

  3. Over here in the Netherlands Kenny never reached the charts. Can't even remember if they ever appeared in Top Pop, the Dutch Top Of Of The Pops in the seventies.

  4. Heart of Stone had nothing to do with this band.


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