In The 1970s John Miles

John Miles was born as John Errington in 1949 in Jarrow in the UK. John really came to prominence when in 1975 he had his first UK single hit called Highfly. The single was not really to have been released by John needed something urgently to sing for a TV show so Highfly was available. Good choice.

But his huge hit came in 1976 with groundbreaking song Music reaching No. 3 in the charts.John Miles wrote this in Leeds when he had some time to kill and his song writing partner at the time Bob Marshall wasn't around. He claims it only took him half an hour to write. In the U.S. the song was dramatically cut down on length.

Johns friend Alan Parson was the producer on this single of course Alan was the same Alan as from the Alan Parsons Project.

Amazingly, after such a classic he only had one more single in the 1970s with Slow Down from his album Stranger In The City. Slow Down was a little bit disco.

Things around you change so fast,
Livin' day to day is confusin'.
How long will the good times last,
Thinking you're on top when you're losin'?

Take it easy in your mind,
No one wants to get behind.
Think about it, think about it
Slow down, baby
Can't slow down.
Slow down, baby yeah
Can't slow down
Slow down, baby
Can't slow down.

Baby want you please
You got it, you got it
Can't slow down.

You got it, you got it.