In The 1970s Robert Knight

Born in the U.S. in 1945. He had very little single hits in the early 1960s, but in 1967 he scored with a great song called Everlasting Love on the Rising Son label, and written by the record owners  Buzz Cason and Mac Gayden. Cason use to be a backing singer for Elvis and even Kenny Rogers, he also had a hit in the sixties under the name Gary Miles .

Everlasting Love made the top twenty in the U.S, but in the UK the group Love Affair had their version of it that went to No1. But in 1973 the Robert Knight version did get re-released and the climbed into the top twenty.


Another great single hit in the UK was Love On The MountainTop in 1973. Again written by Cason and Gayden and a great hit it was too.  The reissue of this song was Knight's last chart success. He later pursued a career in chemical research.