In The 1970s Terry Jacks

Canadian Terry Jacks was born in Winnipeg back in 1944. At eighteen he was very good on the guitar and had formed his own group called the Chessmen, who scored a few Canadian top ten hits in the mid 1960s. In 167 he joined The Poppy Family where he met fellow band member Susan Pesklevits, who would soon become Susan Jacks. The group had hits in the U.S. and Canada.

The couple split in 1973 and Terry released his album Seasons In The Sun on his own Goldfish label.
The single of the ame name was released and it dates back to the mid 1960s and a song called Le Moribond which itself was based on a Belgian song by Jaques Brel.

Terry's version was No. 1 nearly everywhere and notched up over ten million singles sales. The song is about a dieing man saying goodbye to his family and friends.

Terry Jacks, after a suggestion by Jacques Brel, recorded another of Brel's songs "If You Go Away" 
Many people thought that this was another song about death, but in fact it was about a man saying goodbye to his lover. A No. 8 hit in the UK.