In The 1970s Skids

William Stuart Adamson from Scotland put together the group in 1977 along with William Simpson,Thomas Kellichan and Richard Jobson on main vocals. Adamson in the 80s also fronted the group Big Country and in 2001 he committed suicide by hanging in a Hawaii hotel.

One of the biggest chart hit for the Skids in the 1970s was Into The Valley.

Into the valley
Betrothed and divine
Realisations no virtue
But who can define

Why soldiers go marching
Those masses a line
This disease is catching
From victory to stone

Ahoy! Ahoy! Land, sea and sky
Ahoy! Ahoy! Boy, man and soldier
Ahoy! Ahoy! Deceived and then punctured
Ahoy! Ahoy! Long may they die

 The group had several hits in 1978 and 1979 including the EP that contained the hit The Saints Are Coming from the album Scared To Dance and was written about a friend who joined the army and died in Northern Ireland. The song later became a huge hit in 2006 for Green Day.

Two of the most remembered hits are Masquerade and Working For The Yankee Dollar both coming from the acclaimed album  Days In Europa.

Enjoy the charts in the 1970s.