In Memory Andy Williams

Andy Williams was born in 1927 and died at the age of 84 in September 2012. Andy had been a huge star in the 60s and continued to be an even bigger star in the 1970s too. This came on the back of his global TV show The Andy Williams Show (Emmy Award Winning), which introduced us to the Osmond Brothers and helped launch the mega career of Donny Osmond too.

His smooth easy listening voice and perfect diction made Andy popular with nearly all ages. He had his first U.S. No.1 back in 1957 and nearly all his albums sold millions from that point on.

During the 70s Andy was still racing high in the charts. It started at the beginning of the year of 1970 when Andy had a new entry with Cant Help Falling In Love With You.
Harold Andrew Williams was born in 1937 and at the time of writing this in 2012 is still performing several times a week. He has had four top twenty hits in the BBC charts during the 1950s and 1960s and this would be one of many in the 1970s. This song was originally a hit for the king called Elvis which charted in 1962.
See  in the 1970s for the video from the week he was in the charts

The follow up UK hit that year was the beautiful It's So Easy.


The final single of 1970 was Home Lovin' Man

Only one single in the UK in 1971 and it got as high as No.4 with a classic. (Where Do I Begin?) Love Story which was the theme to the Ryan Oneal film of that year called Love Story. The actual music was written by Carl Sigman and Francis Lai. The theme was a total instrumental an d now words actually existed for the song. The words were added to make it a single hit.


The Theme From Godfather was a No. 42 hit in the UK in 1972 but a much bigger hit in the U.S., but it was not until 1973 when Andy made a big impact again in the British Charts. Solitaire was that hit.

 This song was written by Neil Sedaka and lyrics by Phil Cody. The Carpenters had the biggest hit with this record. Andy is still performing at hos own theater as of 2011.
See the video here from in the 1970s 

That was the last top twenty hit for Andy in the 1970s but he would be back in the UK charts in the 1990s.