In The 1970s Johnny Nash

John Lester Nash was born in America in 1940 and was a minor film star in the 1950s and formed the record company JAD in 1965. He travelled to Jamaica in 1968 and met Bob Marley and it was Nash who signed them up to his label.

In the UK johnny had his first hit single with Stir It Up  which was written by Marley in the 1960s for his then wife.

In the same year of 1972 Johnny had his second hit called I Can See Clearly Now, which was actually written by Johnny himself.  The song went gold in the UK and reached No. 5.

Johnny had his last hit of 1972 with There Are More Questions Than Answers a No. 9 UK hit.

We have to move on to 1975 for his next hit and his biggest single hit in the UK with the No.1 song Tears On My Pillow. The song was written by Ernie Smith who had nine albums himself in the 1970s.