In The 1970s Jimmy Osmond

The Osmonds were the perfect family from the U.S with those great gleaming teeth and years on TV starting way back on the Andy Williams Show. Well not everyone by 1973 had been an Osmond star. There was one left in the wing and he was little Jimmy Osmond.

Jimmy was born in 1963 and he became the youngest person to have a No. 1 hit with Long Haired Lover From Liverpool. Written by either Christopher Kingsley or Christopher Dowden (depends on which site you read).

This was a million seller hit for this little overweight boy.

This No.1 was his last but Jimmy somehow managed to pop out some more hits in the 1970s.

Tweedlee Dee was the next knock out hit. This was originally a hit back in 1954.

And the one that finally closed the door was called I Am Gonna Knock On Your Door which dates back to 1959 and a hit for the Isley Brothers.