In Memory Johnny Cash

His story has been told so many times and he man in black has left a huge track record of great songs for generataions to continue to enjoy.

So here we take a look at Johnny Cash in the 1970s. The man was born in 1932 and made 96 albums and over 150 singles, making him a true king of country music. His music crossed across the country charts to the main pop charts across the world.

In 1969 Johnny had his own TV show that ran through to 1971 making him a well known face across America. This was around the time that Johnny did his prison concerts too. This built further on his huge single success in the U.S. during the 1950s and 1960s. But, ashamed to say in the UK he had only ONE hit during that time with a live version of A Boy Called Sue.

In 1970 Johnny had one UK hit with What is Truth only getting to No. 21.

A No. 4 hit followed in 1972 with A Thing Called Love originally a hit 1968 by Jerry Read.

Amazing to say it was not until 1976 when Johnny Cash had his next hit in the UK with a sort of comedy record called One Piece At A Time about an employee stealing parts from a car factory. The song was a big radio play but only reached No. 32.