In The 1970s Bobby Goldsboro

Bobby Goldsboro was born in 1941 in Florida and had several big hits in the 1960s. He even had his own TV show in the 1970s called The Bobby Goldsboro Show. Bobby also wrote many songs for other artists and himself had many hits in the U.S. throughout the 1970s.

The UK was not as successful for Bobby, but he had several classics including his re-release of his U.S. 1968 hit Honey (I Miss You). The song was a love song , and some say it was about a dog!! Great lyrics.

This was originally recorded by Bob Shane of The Kingston Trio, whose version was released about a week before Goldsboro's. Goldsboro was a more established artist, with six Top-40 US hits to his credit when he released this song. His version, with the much more elaborate production, became the hit.

In 1973 Bobby had a song about a young man losing his virginity to a much older woman on a beach. The song was beautifully written and was a "coming of a man" song.

His last hit of the 1970s in the UK was In The Summertime