In The 1970s Chi-Lites

Chicago based group fronted by Eugene Record who was born in 1950 and died in 2005 from  cancer. The group were formed back in the 1950s and had several band members come and go during that time. Fellow original member Robert Squirrel Lester died in 2010 from liver cancer. Creadel Red Jones died in 1994.

In the 1970s the group had several UK top twenty singles starting with the No. 3 hit.

That song was Have You Seen Her  was composed by Eugene and Barbara Acklin who also was involved with other artists and had hits of her own in the States. Barbara died in 1998.

This 1972 hit was followed by a No. 14 hit the same year called  Oh Girl.

It was 1974 before the next big single with  Homely Girl.

This was followed later in the year by Too Good To Be Forgotten. In 1975 Have You Seen Her and Oh Girl were released as a double A side and made No. 5. Next hit that year was Its Time For Love and in 1976 they had  You Don't Have To Go a more disco hit for the group.