In The 1970s Judge Dread

This guy produced the records you never could hear. There was no internet to find the song. The radio stations would not play his singles as they were deemed to rude and crude and that is what they are. So how did you hear his stuff? You had to BUY the singles, thus it put him higher in the charts, which really annoyed the radio stations of the time. 
Alexander Minto Hughes who was really a reggae and ska artist. Alexander’s love for reggae happened when he lodged in Brixton and developed so well that he was the only white man to have a reggae record at No.1 in Jamaica.
Alexander did a lot of jobs through his life time from wrestler to bouncer, and recording artist, debt collector and a DJ. The naughty songs were evoked after a song called Big 5 by Prince Buster in 1969, so Judge decided to get in on the fun and made Big Six on Trojan Records, getting to No. 11 in 1972. Big Seven followed with dirty nursery rhymes. It was so successful that Big Eight did the same. In fact he had eleven banned records in the British charts which is another record.
He was also writing a song for Elvis Presley, but Elvis died before he could record it. Judge himself died of a heart attack in 1998.
Here are a few of his songs to enjoy?

And how can we forget BIG SEVEN  BIG EIGHT 

In 1975 he gad a cover of J'Taime Moi Non Plus

Even more top tweny hits in the 1970s with  BIG TEN, Christams In Dreadland