In The 1970s Mungo Jerry

Ok now listen carefully Mungo Jerry is the name of the group-NOT the name of an individual.
Ray Dorest is the lead singer and probably the face of the group. Mungo Jerry came from his previous group called  Good Earth.

The very first single in 1970 went to No. 1 and was the classic In The Summertime  which was written by Ray himself. A song that took ten minutes to write and sold over thirty million singles worldwide.

Another No. 1 followed in 1971 with Baby Jump again written by Ray. Mungo Jerry recorded this at Pye, originally in a 16-track studio, but the band weren't happy with the sound and they re-recorded it at the 8-track studio where they had cut "In The Summertime."  Click here to see the charts the week BABY JUMP was in the charts.

The single although a sucess was a bit of a shock, but the follow up was more of a pop song. Again tyhis hit was in 1971 and called  Lady Rose a No. 5 UK hit. This was followed by a No. 13 hit You Dont Have To Be In A Army To Fight In The A War.

1972 Mungo Jerry had a top thirty hit with Open Up but the bigger hit was the No. 3 hit called Alright, Alright, Alright and was written by Jacques Dutronc, Jaques Lanzman and Joe Strange and was an adaptation of a French song called Et Moi, Et Moi.

The follow up was a small hit that year called Wild Love . The last single in the 1970s was Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black. Ray wrote a song for Elvis too. But Elvis died before it was recorded.