In The 1970s Wombles

The pop charts in the 1970s were full of so many things. So a group dressed up in Womble costume playing instruments and singing is just so natural. The group were just a few guys dressed up and the music of the Wombles came from musician Mike Batt.

The Wombles started as a book and then became a very popular TV cartoon before crossing over in the charts. Mike Batt wrote and produced the main theme which he extended to make it a No. 4 single in 1973.

The furry creatures continued to have huge chart success with more singles in the next year. The No. 3 hit was Remember You're A Womble which everybody sang along to. The silly creatures continued to chart with  Banana Rock.

The Wombles had several Gold singles and LPs and even had a small hit in the U.S.. The next UK hit was the French style hit Minuetto Allegretto In November that year we were treated to a classic Christmas song with Wombling Merry Christmas