In The 1970s The Shadows

This group had such a history before they entered the 1970s. Mainly known as the group that Cliff Richard performed with they had many hits in the 1960s. The group also supported Cliff in the 1970s but also continued their own single success too.

The main members to continue in the 1970s were Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch who had trouble establishing themselves as a stand alone group. Thanks to Bill Cotton head of BBC entertainment they managed to make several live Saturday nigh shows as guest spots including on the Lulu show and even Its Cliff with Cliff Richard.

But it was not until 1975 when they had their first top twenty hit with Let Me Be The One which was the British entry to the 1975 Eurovision Song Contest. The song came in 9th.

Move forward to 1978 and the group had a top ten hit with an instrumental version of Dont Cry For Me Argentina which was a cover version of the song by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

This instrumental was so successful that they did the same again the next year with their version of the theme from The Deer Hunter also known as Cavatina written by Stanley Myers in 1970 and giving him an Ivor Novello Award. The song was also a hit for John Williams.