In The 1970s Abba 70-75

It would take thousands of pages to write about Abba, what they did for pop music and how they influenced millions of our lives and still do. Here in part one we look at Abba for the first half of the 70s decade.

All the group members were singers before becoming Abba in 1972. The Swedish group consisted of Agnetha Faltskog who was born in 1950 and married fellow Abba member Bjorn Ulvaeus in 1971. Bjorn was born in 1945 and in the 200s was accused of not paying enough tax. The government came after him for 90 million Krona. He won the case and owed them nothing.

Benny Andersson was born in 1946 and married fellow Abba member Frida Lyngstad in 1978. Frida was born  in 1945 and in 1968 won the Swedish version of New Faces a talent show.

The group have sold about 400 million units and still continue to sell. They have won so many awards that it is unlikely any other group will be ever able to do the same.

Abba in 1973 had a minor hit in the UK called Ring Ring and written by Benny and Bjorn and translated into English with the help of Neil Sedaka. But it was 1974 when Abba exploded to a huge TV audience and won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest from Brighton with the amazing Waterloo. No. 1 in the UK and it gave the group a global leg up.

Amazingly the next hit only just creept into the top thirty and that was called Honey Honey. Although a cover version did chart at No.10 by a group called Sweet Dreams in 1974. The group were selling all over the world and the albums were huge.

Single wise in 1975 Abba had only a No. 38 hit with I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do, but had a No .6 hit with SOS the track that was a hit all across the world.

This led to interest in the group once again and the next hit got to No. 1 and has now become a legend, a film and a musical. Mama Mia.

Here is a documentary about ABBA the earty years.